On Interview With a Virgin: Bette

@Miss Maszkerádi Wait, are you me? Because that is the exact thing that happened to me! Well, I was eighteen and it wasn't my birthday, but it was at university during a game of truth or dare!

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On Okay, Who's Refusing to Take Michael Wolff's Reservations?

@missupright Oooh, yes Polpo is good. So is 10 Greek Street. I like that they don't make you actually queue outside - they take your number, and you can go to a pub, and they call you when your table is ready.

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On Okay, Who's Refusing to Take Michael Wolff's Reservations?

@Hammitt I waited for an hour and a half (in February) for Pitt Cue. But there's a pub across the street, so we had two pints while we were waiting, and OH MY GOD THE FOOD WAS SO GOOD AND SO WORTH IT. Sure, our feet were frozen by the time we got inside, and we over ordered because we were a bit over excited to actually be sitting down.

But seriously, so good. And the cocktails! Oh my. I had a cosmopolitan made with bourbon that I still dream about.

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On If Eyes Are the Window to the Soul, Then Crow's Feet ... ?

I got 20/20! I'm a fake smile detecting genius! This will totally benefit me in real life, right?

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On A Conversation About Books and Money

@Nicole Cliffe When I was a camp counsellor, Tom Cochrane's daughter was in the cabin next door to mine. I met him on parents day, at the height of "Life Is A Highway" being everywhere, and my biggest fear was that I would involuntarily start singing it to his face, even though I hated it.

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On How to Carry a Knockoff Designer Handbag

@Julia duMais Yes, definitely read it! It's amazing - I reccomend it to people all the time.

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On Texts From Jane Eyre


I may never stop laughing. Attic wife. Hee.

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On A Better Book Club

@martinipie @Tuna Surprise Yes! We have a facebook group for planning and whatnot, and you should both join. http://www.facebook.com/groups/295781653770999/

Also, let's make a book club!

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On RIP, Nora Ephron

@Decca I found out today that one of my closest friends has never seen When Harry Met Sally. I was literally stunned into silence for about 5 minutes. We will be watching it together as soon as possible.

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On A Better Book Club

@Tuna Surprise I've been wanting to join a book club for ages! (Also, are you coming to our Pinup on Friday???)

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