On Three Years of Gchats Trying to Convince My Best Friend to Like Drake

Sorry, Jimmy. I'm never going to buy it. Glad you can walk again, though!

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On Sex and the Dystopia

@kerrypolka I was referring to the show's creator, Darren Starr, who arguably had more to do with the TV and pop culture icon Carrie than Candace Bushnell. But you are right - I didn't mean to erase her role or SJP's role; I should have said not *completely* created by women.

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On Sex and the Dystopia

@franceschances This was always one of my favourite things about the show as well, and something actually quite revealing about definitions of female desirability. Because you're right, at a conscious level, it is indignation at being left out, at not being consulted, that these men are feeling and that fuels their anger. But I think on a deeper level, there is fear. Women creating their own sex symbols and defining for themselves* what makes a beautiful, attractive, desirable woman, is scary as shit. Because if this was actually pervasive, suddenly women would not be spending all this time, money, and mental effort fruitlessly striving to meet arbitrary standards of attractiveness as determined by men. Suddenly there might just be a little more "Don't like it? Who cares? Next!" attitude. That is actually a pretty huge power swing right there, and even if they cannot articulate it, I think deep down in their bones, it scares those angry, indignant, "HORSEFACE"-shouting dudes.

*in terms of mass acceptance and adulation of a sex symbol technically designed by a gay man. I realize Carrie was not actually created by a woman, which is a whole 'nother thing.

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On Guess the Disney Movie

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher I watched that at any age (over 10) when I should have realized from the title that the dogs did, in fact, die. I did not realize that and was SHOCKED AND APPALLED.

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On Guess the Disney Movie

@dj pomegranate Yes. It's one of those things that I found really sick and panic-inducing as a child. It was just an inherent wrongness that permeated the bubble of my extremely happy childhood; a deep-down nauseous fear that I couldn't ever properly explain or articulate. I think I have seen that movie maybe twice in my whole life. Shudder.

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On Guess the Disney Movie

@wobbletown Speaking of ... can we talk about ROCK A DOODLE DO for a second here? Like what the actual fuck, Bluth? That giant smoke rooster was terrifying.

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On Guess the Disney Movie

@dj pomegranate I was just jealous of her tiger. Like all I want out of life is a hooded cloak and a giant cat to follow me wherever I go. IS THAT SO HARD, WORLD?

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On Guess the Disney Movie

You are an adopted child who is dehumanized by all around you,.except your imaginary friend. You get picked up by a creepy man who forces you to perform with a bunch of other little boys in a...donkey show.

Yeah, I can't even with this one. Like I am not even trying to make it sound bad.

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On Guess the Disney Movie

You are a homeless teen who gives an imprisoned magician a vigorous rubbing. In exchange, he gives you a sweet ride and fake money to impress the crazy cat lady you have had your eye on. She finds out you aren't really rich, but it doesn't matter because her only other option is a much-older dude who wants her for a sex slave. You free the magician.

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On Guess the Disney Movie

@dj pomegranate Haha nice. I was just thinking of what The Little Mermaid would be. Isn't Eric a prince though, technically? Not a labourer, just slumming.

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