By frigwiggin on Explanations

I became increasingly contemptible of the situation

I was trying to back off on being that person who always points out (possible) errors, but I think this is supposed to be "contemptuous"?

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By stonefruit on Explanations

Huh. Well. I ... really like the comic it links to?

No, but this seems like a weird article for this site. And not weird in the good, creepy-dolls-and-tiny-houses way.

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By Gulfie on Explanations

This isn't sitting right with me. Wouldn't this be better suited for a men's website, not a women's website? Explaining this to men seems infinitely more useful than telling 'Pinner ladies that sexism isn't their fault, since that seems to be fairly well understood here.

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By par_parenthese on Other People's Kids, Homes

@dj pomegranate Me too, oh my goodness. If I had ever shouted at an adult or called him/her stupid I would have been carried from the room, spanked, and put in a chair in the corner before I could even get to my second exclamation point.

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By dj pomegranate on Other People's Kids, Homes

@harrumph There is no way on god's green earth that I would have been able to call someone "stupid" at nine years old and not be punished immediately by my mother, who would have been mortified. Nine years old is absolutely old enough to know not to call an adult, your parents' friends, names. (Even if you think that they are, in fact, stupid.)

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By Onymous on Other People's Kids, Homes

So right? I mean yeah those kids sound a like dicks and all.

...but like "you're more than welcome & I want you to stay here" but don't expect me to "adapt to/accommodate their needs/wants"

Choose one.

And I'm with Blushingflwr on "not kid-friendly/proof" not being the same as "you need to take your shoes off when you come inside and don't touch the doorways or walls unless you've washed your hands"

I don't know I feel a bit like the anti kitten burning coalition here. We've been given an awful picture of a couple kids and been asked to confirm that, yes, they do sound awful.

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By Brunhilde on Other People's Kids, Homes

Send them this comment thread. I want to hear their sides of the stories.

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By Lily Rowan on Other People's Kids, Homes

Also, for what it's worth, I am HUGELY skeptical that the LW tries and tries and is still labeled a child hater by most people. It's fine to be a child-hater! But maybe own that and don't let kids stay in your house. These kids sound like nightmares, but I can't imagine the kid who you would be OK with.

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By KJZ on Other People's Kids, Homes

I think this is a shitty confluence of two factors.

These kids sound very badly behaved and their parents sound like pushovers. But the LW sounds like she's relishing her outrage a little bit, and seems eager to paint with a pretty broad brush. I doubt there is a chorus of voices shouting "child hater" at her, and maybe she should lay off on the rhetoric about parents raising shitty kids across the land. She's an adult -- she should try out some of that reasonable thinking that the parents/kids seem so appallingly unable to employ.

I hope to god my kids never act like this -- it's one of my worst nightmares. But neither would I benefit from being criticized with the same tone that a petulant teen would use.

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By supernintendochalmers on Other People's Kids, Homes

I don't think you can host families with children anymore. Honestly, I feel like if you're old enough to have a kid, you're old enough to stay in a hotel when you visit friends. Just say that you realized your house is not equipped for kids.

What you described sounds like pretty normal kid behavior to me. If I was a kid, I'd be bored out of my mind in your nice adult house and would be bugging my parents or getting into trouble. Your friends should have run interference, though.

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