On Americans Have Either Stopped Reading Books or Stopped Lying About It

@Ideal Impulse maybe something by Mary Roach? She writes great pop-science nonfiction... I find that her books are easy to read, and chapters can more or less stand on their own (basically just collections of "check out all these weird facts I found out about ____!") She's written books about sex (Bonk), the digestive system (Gulp), cadavers (yep) (Stiff), and space travel (Packing for Mars). She is also clearly a weirdo, in a good way.

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On The Gift of Small Predictions: January Horoscopes from Galactic Rabbit

can I just say that my number one goal for January is to DTMFA and you guys I am a Gemini and this spoke to me aaaah

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On On Homelessness and How to Help

Any suggestions for resources to find shelters (homeless/domestic violence/whatever) in your area? Are there national/regional organizations that have this information?

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On Transatlanticism Demos > New Music from T-Swift, Gaga, Bieber

@mangosara (in case you guys are wondering the cure for DCfC Pandora melancholy is Shakira Pandora)

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On Transatlanticism Demos > New Music from T-Swift, Gaga, Bieber

Transatlanticism! I started back in on a Death Cab for Cutie Pandora station earlier today at work and then looked up like four hours later feeling like I wanted to climb back into bed. Hi, coworkers, don't mind me crying silently at my desk.

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On "Why should I wait for someone else?": Malala Talks to Jon Stewart on Her One-Year "Shooting Anniversary"

She's amazing. Really does put things in perspective... and makes me wonder whether or not I would be brave enough to do what she has done.

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On And Now It's Dead

@Amphora oooooooh. the things I learn on this website.

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On Friday Open Thread

@adorable-eggplant um. ROBOTS. PUNCHING. ALIENS. because that makes so much sense. that was literally my favorite thing.

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On Friday Open Thread

@SarahP the 10-11th is better for me as well because I think I may be going out of town this weekend but I'm not positive yet!

Relatedly, your dress would bring my entirely sequin covered dress collection to TWO so I definitely will try to make it.

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On Friday Open Thread

@km1312 totally jumping in on this thread to fuel my moving fantasies, you guys.

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