On A Recent Visit To A Local Bookstore

Meanwhile, Amazon scrambles desperately to refine their algorithm. Viva indie bookstores! This warmed my heart.

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On Lina Lamont Dances For No One

I'd like this headline on my tomb: "Linnie Greene -- Danced for No One."

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On This Is The Story Of A Happy Reader

Love the structure of this interview/essay! Feel like I'm gaping/gawking/dog walking right there along with you, Kathleen.

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On Never Too Much

The selfish part of me often begrudges someone who's a frontwoman/master photographer/writer extraordinaire, but damn this piece was so winsome and (yes!) vulnerable. Beautiful.

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On Ask A Costume Historian: Help, My Brother Wants Me To Be His Suit-Wearing Best Man

*LOVE* the black one (second from last). I'm not, er, very endowed, but I've had good luck finding jumpsuits in the sale section at NeedSupply.com and at a few consignment stores locally (namely Plato's Closet).

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On A Chronological List of Things Men Said to Me After I Told Them I Had Herpes

I think you're brave. I'm glad you wrote about this.

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