On Female New York Post Writer Feels Differently Than Other Women

@LilyB It's a Chicago thing - from what I've seen, the men pretty much leave you alone. I've lived here for almost 10 years and the most I can recall being harassed was by an idiot trying to solicit money for save the whales or something, who was calling women "sweetie," "cutie" or "honey" and seemed genuinely shocked when I told him that was a piss-poor way to get women to open their wallets. "What, nobody ever called you cute before?!" BLARGH.

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On The Essential Life Lessons of the Dairy Queen Sisterhood

All of this, except that I worked at a Tastee Freez so there wasn't even a corporate situation. It was like the Wild West in there. Still the best job I've ever had.

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On Joan Didion on Woody Allen

@queequeging I used to really like Allen's movies, but I chalk a lot of that up to being young and wanting desperately to be seen as witty and urbane. I fully fell off the train with Blue Jasmine, which I found to be one of the most vicious, heartless portrayals of a woman I've ever seen. At least Tennessee Williams had compassion for Blanche DuBois, if we're making Streetcar comparisons. And I might be completely off the mark here, but I found myself seeing parallels between the Mia/Soon-Yi fallout - **SPOILER ALERT** Jasmine finds out her husband is leaving her for a younger woman and makes the call that sends him to prison (and suicide) and herself to financial and emotional ruin. If she would have just shut her mouth and accepted his morally reprehensible (and illegal) behavior, everything would have been fine! "The heart wants what it wants!" BITCHES BE JEALOUS! Again, might be a totally "off" reading of the movie, but I came away from it with no other thought than "Woody Allen absolutely despises women".

Bullets Over Broadway is the only Allen movie I will continue to enjoy, because it at least seems to know that everyone in it is a ridiculous blowhard. Also, Dianne Wiest.

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On Teenage Girls, as Imagined By an 8-Year-Old in 1991

I'm so glad to see other people did this as well. I would write short stories, with illustrations, about a girl named Tanya (the most beautiful name I could think of) who wore splatter-paint t-shirts and was allowed to wear the shiny black bike shorts I coveted. Her hair was also permed. Tanya liked to ride her bike and talk on her "car phone" at the same time. That's pretty much where I lost interest.

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On A Requiem for Molly, The "Archived" American Girl Doll

This is a beautiful piece. And it sits close to home for me - I got Samantha for Christmas (she was the most aspirational!) along with her little extra box of accessories. And never got another item from the catalogue. My mom scoured craft shows for outfits, my beloved grandpa made her a bed (with a heart cut-out in the headboard), my little brother made her a desk and chair from scraps of wood he collected at a nearby building site, and I covered old shoeboxes with fancy wrapping paper for her "trunks." We Molly'd it up big time, and I would rather have my weird but made-with-love collection than the complete set of $35 outfits and $150 pieces of furniture from the catalogue any day.

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On Writing, Depression and Learning How to Handle Attention: A Conversation with Allie Brosh

@likearollingpin Ugh, that was so uncomfy! Right up there with the time she asked Elizabeth Smart if her kidnapper/rapist had terrible breath.

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On Mouthwatering Recipes from the March 1950 Issue of McCall's

Oh, you guys are speaking my language! Please to enjoy these:



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On A Girl's Education in Little House in the Big Woods

This is exactly every single passage from this book that I basically had committed to memory as a child. If there was no talk of outfits in my books, I was not interested.

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On Nice to Meet You, Internet

Are we 100% confident this isn't Rich in disguise?

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On Started From the Bottom Now I'm Nemo

@@serenityfound Only because it's true. That's one of the many unfair things about the theater - there are people who are great at performing and people who are great at auditioning, and they aren't always the same people.

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