On Commodity Fetish: This Is Not Really What a Feminist Looks Like

Oh god, went on a Tinder date with Alan Martofel. Ughhhh, internet, why????

He was super sexist, btw. Definitely slut-shamed me. Definitely was creepy. Spent the afternoon trying to run away.

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On How to Dress for Things You Hate

Reading this while getting ready to go to my restaurant job, while in the midst of a break-up, feels like a punch in the gut.

For the record I am not wearing any of those things.

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On "[Y]ou see this kind of picture and you realize maybe you haven't seen everything"

I wrote a poem inspired by the event (clearly I am very bored).

Dreams of Horses

Ecstatic, ensconced in entrails.
You're so young, you are so

Tell me again why you stripped off your clothes, why you crawled
On your belly
Into the belly
Of a beast barely drawn its last breath.

What if the only warm blood you’ve felt is yours?
What if the steady tick of one pulse
In one wrist is no longer enough.

Nights we lay awake listening to the dull roar in our ears pretending we can hear the ocean.
In another life I was a giant, in another you were a god.

The horse likely never knew what happened.
The meat was harvested by men
eaten by dogs.
At least that cycle continues.
You’ll be back to work on Monday.

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On Scent of a Woman: "Give BO a TKO with DIY Deodorant"

Oh thank goddess! I can't wait to make this! I've been using Tom's Lavender deodorant for years now and think it works pretty damn well (I can't say the same for ANY OF THEIR OTHER SCENTS...weird, right?) but I am excited to smell like something more delicious than lavender.

What scents do people want to try out? I think I want something orangey and spicy.

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On Better Breakfasts

I'm thrilled that in other parts of the world I would not be a mutant for eating lunch/dinner foods for first thing in the morning. Today for breakfast I had a raw kale salad.

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On The Great Toronto Slutwalk

I think the point of the SlutWalk was not simply to protest the comments made by the officer through saucy dress, but rather to raise awareness that rape, in fact, has no dress code. While some participants chose to don skimpy attire, others protested in jeans, in pajamas, in Canadian tuxedos (I hope!).

This draws light to the misguided comments made by the officer that implied that rape only happens to "sluts" in fishnets. Rape can happen no matter what you're wearing and it's atrocious that people, particularly law enforcement officers, still attempt to shame and blame victims.

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