On Friday Open Thread

@Jinxie I would have to say, "Watching teenager shows on the CW and training my misandryst spider army" sounds pretty charming to me!

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On #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen

@TheMissus Yeah...I did enjoy that a commenter on that piece mentioned that they had run a sarcastic guide to the non-apology apology a little while ago.

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On #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen

THANK YOU for covering this unlike some, um, other publication which will remain nameless.

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@emilies I KNOW! I was looking for them, too. What happened??

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On Q: Why Does This Grape Tastes Like Cotton Candy? A: Because It Was Genetically Engineered to Taste Like Cotton Candy

@TheMissus Yeah, this is just extreme hybridization, not genetic modification, right?

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On How Do You Solve a Book Cover Like Lolita?

@brilliantmistake I guess it's because of the word favorite, which I always associate with enjoyment. And I don't understand how someone can truly enjoy being in the mind of a pedophile, even if the work itself condemns him, and the writing is masterful.

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On How Do You Solve a Book Cover Like Lolita?

@TheJacqueline But can you divorce the language from the content? I think that's what does always make my raise my eyebrows at anyone who claims it's their favorite book.

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On How Do You Solve a Book Cover Like Lolita?

I've never been able to read Lolita. I understand the arguments for it, and I certainly don't want to censor it, but the awful sexualized cover designs certainly add to my nausea about the book. I am glad to hear that Nabokov had a "no little girls" rule at the beginning, though.

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On Lord I Lift Your Camp On High

@commanderbanana I also went to VBS, though not one run by my own church. I was an oversensitive child and had a panic attack during a skit about the sins of the fathers being visited on the sons (and I still maintain that is a messed up concept!). That was the end of that.

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On Friday Open Thread

@SarahP Sit with your husband on the tip of Cape Cod and gaze across the Atlantic. Contemplate how small you are. Hold your husband's hand.

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