On Hard Out Here for a White Feminist

@kasa Yeah but "don't be racist" is pretty basic.

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On Hard Out Here for a White Feminist

@Lena Otterman@facebook Thank you for adding to the conversation.

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On Hard Out Here for a White Feminist

....what is happening in these comments? This video is terrible, and saying feminists don't have a sense of humor doesn't change that. Sometimes we don't find something funny because it, you know, isn't funny.

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On Lily Allen, "Hard Out Here"

UGH. Lily. Please. Be better.

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On 10 Years, Actually: Billy & Joe, Juliet & Mark

@tulliola The author is dead! Who says they aren't boning? (I also have been similarly confused)

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On Remembering the Early Days of Jezebel with Anna Holmes

Moe! I miss your wonderful, rambling, dense political writing! And I love it when I see it pop up on other sites and people are completely unable to make sense of it. Please write more everywhere. I say rambling with complete love.

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On Susan Faludi on Facebook Feminism & the Danger of "Individual Women Empowering Themselves by Deserting Other Women"

We're also all reading Flavia Dzodan, right? Excellent (http://www.redlightpolitics.info/)

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On Advice From a Mom

@Elitist and Dull Ugh that's so gross. I'm so amazed and awed by the work she's been doing, especially standing up to rape culture in a subculture that absolutely does NOT want to hear it, probably even more than mainstream culture. That takes guts.

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On Adventures in the Clearance Section

More, please!

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On How to Mount a TV When You Have No Boyfriend, No Prospects, and Lack the Shamelessness Required to Ask for Help

@Lurkasaurus I liked it too! Although clearly it's missing the part where you almost pass out in the home depot because you haven't eaten anything all day because you were so determined to do this and your blood sugar has dropped like a rock, which you then use as an excuse to go to the taco bell in the parking lot.

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