By Two-Headed Girl on Why Do We Still Live Here, in This Repulsive Town?

The Jose Gonzalez cover of "Heartbeats", which is really best put on repeat at 3am while drinking terrible wine.

Also, if you can hear "Get Lonely" by the Mountain Goats without wanting to bawl and hug your dog...you probably can't feel emotion. I'm in an awesome relationship and I *still* can't listen to it without thinking of Every Bad Thing That Has Ever Happened To Me.

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By EpWs on Bad Fan Fiction: Dune

@Sarah H. Women Laughing Alone With Spice

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By Vera Knoop on Drinking, Pets, and Babies

@PistolPackinMama Just need to proclaim my love for Claude Leafy Strauss. May he always be raw and never cooked.

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By saythatscool on Beauty Disasters: How to Cover Up Almost Anything

In Sauget, Illinois a stripper once got her legs over my shoulders and banged me in the face so hard with her pelvis that she gave me a black eye. You think that concealing cover with the setting powder would work and could it have helped prevent my ocular herpes?

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By hideously on Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

I have that skeleton print! But I'm a secret goth.

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By frigwiggin on Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

@Emby I want to do this with Ernst Haeckel's Kunstformen der Natur.

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By Veronica Mars is smarter than me on Ask a Clean Person: Fragrant Shoe Season Arrives Early

"Ghost Grip." Don't let go, Ghost. Never let go.

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By Ophelia on Horrible Death Imminent, According to TV

I might be a little obsessed with Castle (which is clearly just as realistic as all these other shows), but that's because Nathan Fillion is on it.

ETA: My issue with that show is that there isn't nearly enough nudity.

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By atipofthehat on Where (My) Girls At?

@Skanky Baggington

1) I'm not acting

2) It doesn't "take away from their own artistic merits," it gives them access that other people (as talented and more talented) may never have, no matter how hard they work

3) "Unfair," probably, but which situation do you think is MORE unfair? And which is keeping more excellent work from us?

In other news, researchers at IBM have used a scanning-tunneling electron microscope to create an even smaller violin. If I could find it, I would play it for you.

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By The Lady of Shalott on Friday Open Thread

I passed my defence yesterday! I HAVE A MASTER'S DEGREE!

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