On Becoming a Better Lazy Vegetarian

Don't forget about baked potatoes! I am perhaps the laziest vegetarian that ever did veg, and have found the baked potato to be genius. Potatoes cost like $0, they don't go bad very quickly, and the topping possibilities are endless - veggie chili, greek yogurt, and green onions are my personal faves. I also like that they are almost impossible to mess up. Throw them in the oven for an hour or so, watch a couple Friends reruns, and you're all set.

Also, the frozen aisle at Trader Joe's is great for even easier options. Just try not to let it get to you when the checkout guy inevitably makes a comment like "Not much of a cook, are we?" upon seeing your basket of frozen dinners for one and $2 Chardonnay. He doesn't know your life.

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On The 10 Least Inspiring Sentences on This Lululemon Tote

@breccia I also volunteer at the hot yoga place near me to get free classes! I got a pair of Lulus for christmas and they are seriously THE BEST for hot yoga. They are so well made, and I can see them lasting a lot longer than the cheap ones that get all see-through and gross (although sometimes I don't want to wear them to yoga for fear I'll mess them up somehow?). I call them my "dress leggings." That said, I heard the C9 brand by Target actually has some decent knockoffs made from similar material, for about 1/3 the price. Also there was a rumor that Costco sells almost exact replicas of some Lulu tanks, but I don't have a membership so I can't confirm this.

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On On Ice Cream

"Playing a sport in college is not unlike what I imagine it is to be in prison, for many reasons, one among them being the ability to make the outside world's ordinary seem luxurious."

Ahhh, this is EXACTLY how I felt during my college swimming days. I'm pretty sure the only time in my life I can remember truly crying tears of joy was one time junior year when our coach announced that our post-meet meal would be at an all-you-can-eat pizza restaurant. PIZZZZZAAAAAA!!!!

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: The Destruction of Fatty Arbuckle

This was a fantastic/heartbreaking post, and not just because the words "ruptured bladder" are certain to cause frequent UTI sufferers everywhere to pop an extra AZO cranberry pill this evening. Not that I would know or anything.

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On Ask a Married Dude: Bob and Eli

Ok, so I may have just spent an embarrassing amount of time reading this entire thread. I now feel like this. God damn it, Bob.

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On How to Use the Internet

@sox Oh, I'm so sorry. It's a blessing and a curse, the Google Fu :-/.

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On How to Use the Internet

@Porporina Does he at least have an email address? I finally found a college ex I'd always wondered about who also had maddeningly little internet presence by not only googling his full email address, but also his username (i.e, if his email is, say, dave12345@hotmail.com, try just searching "dave12345"). I ended up finding my ex's comments on a very obscure electronics self-help message board, and the comments not only gave away that it was in fact the same guy, but that he is now married and has a baby. It was probably the most proud and ashamed of myself I have ever felt at the same time.

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On Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

Ahh, I can't stop thinking about the apron. Or the Spanx! And I'm certainly not ruling out the possibility of wearing them simultaneously.

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On The Smokey Smoky Eye

@heb Yes! They all require you have AT LEAST 3 miles of perfectly straight, insanely shiny hair.

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On The Smokey Smoky Eye

@teaandcakeordeath Have you seen Lauren Conrad's tutorials? They are hilariously complicated and always fool me into thinking I too can have beautiful LC hair in just 28 simple steps. Fast forward to me crying in front of the bathroom mirror, 45 minutes late to something with multiple curling iron burns and crazy lady hair.

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