On Interview With a Bat


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On The Ecology of Disease

No but the Bat Billboard showed us the bats are great! It's the pigs that are gross! Bats going out for picnics! http://www.moma.org/interactives/exhibitions/2011/talktome/objects/146223/

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On Friday Open Thread

Aiming to find the best oatmeal raisin recipe this weekend! Any suggestions??

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On The Busyness

The absolute arrogance of this is that he can support himself on 5 hours a day of work!! Not everyone has that luxury, New York Times. Those 'busy' people are those who have to work 50-60 hours a week and then they (hell, let's be honest: we) choose to see friends, take a class, or similar activities afterwards because they like to have some control over their own time. When I say 'god, I'm so busy' I'm saying 'god, I wish I could find a way to work and pay my bills without working 10 hours a day, minimum.' He runs (to the country?) to escape his job, which he can ostensibly afford to do. (I for one can't exactly afford to ignore editor's emails for days at a time. I get around 2 hours to respond?) And he's probably not there alone and he's having a grand old time writing and hanging out in the country with the stink bugs. Well, that's grand. Pay my rent and I'll come join you!

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On Dating Myself

This made me so happy, other Jane. I used to do this, but I never realized that it was basically just taking myself out and I started to budget it out because it seemed like a waste to buy myself nice things when I'm not socializing or anything! But it's legitimate! Doing this more!

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On Friday Open Thread

@MollyculeTheory Bourbon Smash! Bourbon Smash! bourbon, some berries, pre-made sugar syrup, some mint, mash smash smash, ice.

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On Coworking From Afar

@HelloTitty There is nothing as great as a drunk FT from one's siblings.

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On Coworking From Afar

Wifed! What a GREAT verb. Using it forever and ever with getting-married friends. (Did we, the readership of this blog that weirdly kind of knows a lot about your life, not know you were getting married before this? I did not. Anyway, Congrats Jane!)

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On On Second Chances

OK, so I get that THIS dude is a wee bit delusional and he seems to have already told Lady that he's in big boy love now (but not when he was, what, in his late 20s... HMM!) and she said KTHXBYE, but I can't help think about every girl who has ever moaned over a glass of wine that she wishes Important Ex That She Misses would just do something/show up with a boombox outside her window/call her up/etc? The initial question was what "when does a guy merit a second chance?" and I think there should have been something in here that said hey, if you're not this juice box, tell her how you feel! You might not be alone, dudes! And if you are, and you did it politely and respectfully, you might give the situation some closure for both of you. I was once the caller-upper. Nothing came of it, but I felt shit tons better and I can't imagine it bothered him much. He was very nice. I was nice. It was nice.

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On Face Moles, "Perfection," and Shifting Dynamics

@leon.saintjean reallyreallyreallyreallylove the Little Mermaid reference there. Wish I could upvote that a HUNDRED TIMES. I'm not even a big Disney fan but that is just so damn perfect.

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