By Vicky on Friday Open Thread

It's my birthday today. Someone sent me flowers and I have NO IDEA who did it! I've never been sent flowers before, so this is very thrilling.

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By Nicole Cliffe on Friday Open Thread

Melis was at my house for a week, and she made me do a shot while we watched "Pitch Perfect," and then she came the next morning to work out with me and my personal trainer (I share him with a friend, I am not a total monster) and she worked out like a champ, super hung over, and then puked out the car coming home, and it was all amazing. And we showed my mom "When Harry Met Sally." And we watched a lot of "Party Down," and the baby sat on her.

But now she is gone.

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By frenz.lo on Leaving the Girl

Oh, relax, everybody. It can't all be interviews with virgins around here.

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By wharrgarbl on Friday Open Thread

@Didldidi He is an asshole. May he spend the next month cutting his finger every time he opens a can, and the rest of his life trying that shit on potential renters who can tell him to fuck off and then hang up on him, so that his apartments lay barren and unoccupied.

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By redheaded&crazy on Friday Open Thread

@whizz_dumb @teenie RIDE HIS FUCKING FACE.

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By SarahP on The Ecology of Disease

@Janestreet Haaaaaa "Bat as a subtle viral medium" seems an appropriate way to talk about their project and the linked article.

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By melis on Not Chasing Amy

"the password to her email was...p0etry"

Well, there's your first red flag right there.

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By EpWs on Coworking From Afar

@Janestreet I believe reddit is fond of the phrase "WIFE HER," which I believe is just a different conjugation of wifed. WIFE AS A VERB 4EVA

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By roadtrips on On Second Chances

@Janestreet Yeah, I think the major difference is that, and I quote "she'll only talk under certain circumstances and she doesn't want to see me." I'd like to propose a creepiness matrix for contacting exes. X axis would be "clearly stated boundaries" and Y axis would be "nature of breakup" So, on the X axis our poles are, say, "restraining order" on the no end and "flirty e-mails" on the yes end. On the Y axis we have "horrible betrayal of trust or personal safety" on one end and "rich parents who don't understand our love" on the other end.

So, now I know what I'm up to for the rest of the day. This guy is at the intersection of "Medium-large trust betrayal slightly tempered by distance/feeling bad" and "I don't want to see you". I think it's safe to say we're out of boom box territory and the recommended course of action here is to JUST DROP IT.

If anyone has any other potential scenarios they'd like to put through the matrix, let me know.

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By Gordon Bombay on On Second Chances

I'm working on a Masters Thesis (MA in 20 something'ism) on what I like to call the boomerang theory. Based on two principles (the intimacies were more than a one night thing and events did not end in a truly terribly fashion)one party (usually the dude) will "boomerang" at some point in the future.

Usually this just provides closure to both parties ("what was I THINKING?" is the most common response) but every so often, some sort of romantic phoenix emerges from the ashes.

My data in support of this is staggering. I expect to be published by the end of the year.

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