On The Scientific Reasons Behind Fashion Don'ts

@MisterHippity So would you say these tips are delineating some sort of primal, ancestral group think? An ur-scene, if you will?

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On "You Win, Or You Die": On the Women of Game of Thrones

@rathermarvelous But remember Margaery's goal: not to have power, but to be the Queen. If she is better able to express herself, it's because she is aspiring to a subordinate position, reaching for soft power.

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On "Miss Subways"

As a matter of fact, this did inspire City Reliquary to hold a "Miss G Train" competition some years back. My friend competed with a performance of "It's Not Easy Being Green" to the accompaniment of her beau, whom she swore was New York City's second finest jazz vibrophonist. I made her promise to stump for above-ground transfers from Fulton to Atlantic/Pacific.

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On Game of Thrones Bat Signal

Natalie Dormer's weird mouth, how I've missed you from my life.

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On What Does a Scientist Look Like?

@MollyculeTheory Well, I'd say biologists consistently manage to lower my expectations of how a scientist is supposed to look.*

*Said with all due affection as the younger brother of an evolutionary biologist...

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On The New-Avatar Library

I can't wait until the Hairpin of the 26th century links to nightmarish depictions of nattily haberdashed dancing dinosaur monsters.

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On Instead of Donating to the Komen Foundation...

@Beericle Thanks, awesome lead.

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On Instead of Donating to the Komen Foundation...

I am currently poking about to see how complicated it is to organize a 5K in the Baltimore/DC area. The goal is to stage one the same weekend as, or on a close weekend to, the Race for the Cure in Ocean City. All entry fees will be donated to one of SGK's competitors.

Tell your run-y friends.

(OR, alternatively, HELP ME because I have no idea what I'm doing.)

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On Twenty Years of High-Schoolers' Sex Lives

@jacqueline Yours is the first interpretation not to send me into regressive fits of 14 y/o body horror.

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On Twenty Years of High-Schoolers' Sex Lives

@wharrgarbl Pedantry: the drug use data comes from Monitoring the Future, the sex data from the CDC.

(And can we talk briefly about "experiencing" sex? Can you have sex without experiencing it? Experience it without having it? I'm going to be sort of bored tonight, I hope I can experience sex with someone!)

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