On The First Holiday Negotiating In-Law (or Almost-In-Law) Needs and Wants

But guys, what about presents? I'm doing both Christmases for the first time this year (one at my childhood home, then flying to my BF's childhood home the next day) and I have no idea who I should shop for outside of my usual list (my immediate family members and my BF). Should he give my family presents? Should I tell my mom to get him something? Do I have to get one for his sister and her husband? Do we give joint gifts? I don't expect to get anything from his family, but I would hate if they did get me something and I didn't have anything to give them. What do you all do?

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On Be Less Crazy About Your Body ... For the Children

@WaityKatie Yes. This is my mom, too, and these are her values. I'm never going to be as skinny as her, and she's never going to be skinny enough for herself. She doesn't like anyone's body, I don't think. Especially not her own. I am terrified to have daughters because I know those values are now somewhere in me too and I don't want to see them come out.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Something Winter This Way Comes, Part One

@mlle.gateau I have a similar question! What if I wanted to put, say, two drops of lavender oil in there with the water to make my floors and house smell amazing? Would that ruin my beautiful steam mop? I'm scared to try it but the idea of lavender steam really excites me.

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On Ask a Married Dude: Frackers Love Too

@Jolie Kerr YES! I don't even have very many fancy degrees, but I don't hate this girl for having them. Good for her--she wanted to go to good schools and did it. She is driven to succeed and she recognizes how important that is to her. There's nothing wrong with examining whether this is a quality she absolutely must have in a partner as well. And if it is, then there's nothing wrong with that either, but she owes the guy (and herself) a conversation about how important it is to her.

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On Cleft Lips and Unamusingly Horrible Bosses

@klemay I have no advice, just wanted to chime in as a fellow boring child who very rarely got yelled and cries shamelessly these days whenever I get even a slightly mean email. I will say this for our kind: I think we're extra sensitive about upsetting others, which probably makes us nice friends and co-workers.

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On Ask a Clean Person: The Pre-Vacation Clean-Up

@wharrgarbl PREACH. Ant infestation. Always take out the trash right before you leave.

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On An Abridged Lindsay Lohan Legal Troubles Timeline

Maybe Britney's dad can open the Jamie Spears Center For Hot Mess Former Disney Starlets and take all of these poor ladies in?

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On Kate Bolick on Refusing to Settle (Part One)

@Jon Thank you for this. I'm currently with a very nice, successful, older than me gentleman who is basically ready to rent some horses so we can ride off into the sunset together. He doesn't get why I don't find this incredibly sexy, or that "I want to get married and be monogamous" isn't always the only thing a woman is looking for in a man. Sometimes it's like, just shut up and pull my hair already. I wish he would discover the Hairpin and have his conceptions exploded.

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On Sleep Habits, Finding a Therapist, and Men Who "Make an Effort"

Vaginal pain lady, I feel you.

What I remember from the first few times all those years ago is, not nearly enough lubrication and being too tense. It's sort of like getting a shot in that if you anticipate the pain and tighten up your muscles, it's going to hurt way more than if you relax and breathe through it.

Also, lube tip: they make some excellent organic/all natural lubes these days that have changed my sex life. I always hated the warming/tingling/cotton candy smelling ones, and felt sort of itchy after using them.

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On Insecurity and Awkward Encounters (Cats, Colds, Etc.)

My inner underminer is named Regina because, like Regina George, she's evil but she's fabulous. And she has totally done car commercials in Japan.

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