On A Very American Open Thread

@SeaMoney hey that's what I got my PhD in! but from UC Santa Barbara. I think you'll be fine, make friends with grad students and try to get out of town as much as possible.

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On Abstain from Cognition During Meals

This likely explains all the candy I ate while writing my dissertation.

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On American Humor Outed

@fondue with cheddar haha, Wegmans is definitely the best grocery store there is. I take it you're from NY? (upstate not necessarily the city)

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On Star Trek Into Darkness: Waiting for Superman

@mooseketeer he would kill it as Troi

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On Star Trek Into Darkness: Waiting for Superman

@antarcticastartshere Soon he will be playing all roles in all movies.

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On Friday Open Thread

@calamity cognitive behavior therapy! This book sounds hella cheesy, but it really helped me tamp down my negative thought patterns: "Feeling Good, the new mood therapy"

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On Friday Open Thread

@minijen it sounds like she is legit dressing in a distracting way that is inappropriate for a professional environment. I guess on some level it is a bit slut-shamey to say she shouldn't dress in this manner, but for real, she shouldn't dress like that at work! Maybe I'm just as bad as you are, but I'd complain about it to someone higher up or next time she bends over be like "WHOA GIRL I CAN SEE YOUR UNDERWEAR" (I'm subtle)

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On Friday Open Thread

@rosinator maybe get an older dog, a puppy will need lots of attention all day long. We adopted a fully grown lovable mutt and he is the best ever. Obviously different dogs have different needs, but lots of dogs are ok being home alone.

We didn't start leaving him home alone immediately, but he stays home during work hours every day now and there are no accidents and he doesn't show any signs of anxiety at all. Other things to consider would be- paying someone to let him out or give him a short walk during the day or taking him to a doggie daycare.

I guess also, when you get a dog you really need to bond with it. If you can get one when you have some time off or can work less for awhile that would be ideal. They need to trust you.

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On I Want to Believe: Discovering the Inner Scully

@redheaded&crazy Those are two super important things!! You are better off than lots of real adults I'm sure.

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On I Want to Believe: Discovering the Inner Scully

@supernovice Oh it totally does settle out nicely! I am 31 and would never want to go back to being me at 21 again! I am infinitely more comfortable with myself and able to deal with the uncertainty of it all. I am looking forward to gaining more acceptance of myself as I get older too.

Though I have to say, me at 21 was able to stay up a lot later and get more exercise and eat more ice cream than me at 31 is...

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