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@shesaidshesaid You probably already know this, but there are some studies that show that people who don't look like they know what they're doing get safer treatment from cars who see them. "Not looking like you know what you're doing" factors that they tested were helmet wearing, whether or not you're in your Lance Armstrong spandex outfit, and gender. They put long blonde wigs on men and found that cars gave them a wider berth, even when all the other factors were the same. That only helps you with cars that can see you, though.

At the same time, I feel like all these questions about helmet laws and whether helmets should be compulsory are helpful on a population scale -- probably we'll all be safer/healthier as a society if fewer people are deterred from biking by helmet laws -- but I know too many people who have been in bike accidents with cars that didn't see them to go without a helmet.

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By shesaidshesaid on Pretty Women on Bikes

Head injury rates are pretty much the same whether you're riding a bike or not - meaning if you wear a helmet while biking you should probably wear one while you're walking around and definitely while driving a car. http://www.theatlanticcities.com/commute/2013/05/do-bike-helmet-laws-really-make-people-safer/5732/ tl;dr the best way to improve bike safety is w/ better infrastructure and more bikers on the road, not helmets.

Personally I feel safest when biking with traffic in a skirt and no helmet - everyone gives me a wide berth.

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So after the shower two weeks ago and a few more purchases Monday, we pretty much have all the required baby things except a couple of odds and ends, and I keep going into the office to look over the pile all gloatingly, and I kind of want to get the crib set up and his things put away in drawers and the carseat in the car...

...except I also sort of don't for two reasons. We technically have 3.5 more weeks, and since we're doing a modified co-sleep and squeezing things around the edges of our fairly small apartment, I'm trying to hold off on the inconvenience of the coming rearrangement as long as possible, though of course I have anxieties about delivering 3 weeks early and that damn IKEA crib not being assembled yet and having nowhere to put him when he comes home. But also, I've been so anxious this entire pregnancy I've held off on doing lots of things that would make it seem "real" (like, uh, telling people I didn't see regularly until I was 7 months) out of this completely irrational and superstitious fear that something bad would instantly follow. And it seems like putting all his things where they go is on that list as well (I hasten to add that prenatal care and not drinking and other important stuff was NOT on the avoid list). I know it's dumb, but I have this idea of getting everything opened and in place and then having to gather it all back up again and return it, unlikely as that is.

TL;DR, everything about being pregnant is hard, especially if you're an anxiety ball like me.

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@MilesofMountains My advice, as someone really into bikes

1) buy a bike you can grow into, not one that you'll grow out of quickly (this is why I hate beach bikes and heavy dutch bikes since they're not very versatile). Don't get a single speed--I had one for years and it just sort of messed up my knees. They're light but if you ever decide to become a more serious cyclist and do long rides they're not what you want.

2) think of a few things you want your bike for and how you want it to function - like, do you want to be able to carry groceries? Do you want to sit upright or have more race-like stance? do you eventually want to be able to do longer rides? Do you need to carry it up and down stairs to get it in your house (this matters A LOT)? Try a few bikes out--don't buy a bike from anywhere that won't let you see if you like it first.

Honestly, I think a decent hybrid or commuter bike could be a good fit--maybe with a rack so you can carry stuff if you want?

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By parallel-lines on An E-Mail Announcement From the Proud New Mommy

Nothing can express my gratitude for pushing a human being out of your vagina and giving yourself life-long hemorrhoids in the process.... but I hope this necklace from Zales will show my appreciation for this act.

Oh, and the baby is crying, you might want to go check on it.

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My oral defense of my dissertation is Monday afternoon! I am completely terrified and yet feeling more or less ok about it at the same time, which are completely contradictory feelings, yet here I am. Anyway, if you have any extra good vibes laying around that I can steal on Monday, I'd be much obliged.

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As a fellow 25 year old here are my lists of things I do and don't have to have figured out

Things to have figured out:
1. how to interact with friends as an adult - conflict resolution, boundary setting, not being a whiny FOMO tool, organizing and responding to events appropriately, showing up in a timely fashion to dinner
2. how to be a good member of my family - spending time with and appreciating my parents, not being a dick to my siblings

Things to not have figured out:
1. everything else

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By EpWs on Marriage, 2013

@mooseketeer This is absolutely true. It's hard to determine how to figure out what a good balance would be, because for every story like mine there's a story like yours.

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@Tuna Surprise is there evidence to the contrary?

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By MissMushkila on Better Safer Sex

@iceberg Sure but all birth control (aside from abstinence) includes some risk. It's really, really miniscule with tubal litigation or mirena, and higher with the rhythm method, pulling out etc. It just depends how much risk you are willing to tolerate, but for people to decide that information needs to be shared accurately rather than using scare tactics.

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