On Friday Open Thread

@electricamy being pregnant is totally crazy making. It is all consuming, even if you don't want it to be. Just ignore her and hope she makes friends with other pregnant ladies.

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On Friday Open Thread

@MrsTeacherFace First trimester is the worst! It does get better though*, I promise.

*for most people!! I'm super sorry if you are not one of those people and you are tired and sick the whole pregnancy

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On The First Response Pie

that 15% resenting men portion is way too small. That is why I have shared every single one of my pregnancy paranoias with my sex partners. They get to freak out about it too, goddamnit.

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On Friday Open Thread

@MrsTeacherFace for real you can never sleep too much in your first trimester. I started a new job just after I found out I was pregnant and for three months did literally nothing else besides work, sleep, and puke. But! Pregnancy amnesia is real and you'll forget how bad the first trimester is by the middle of the second!!

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On Friday Open Thread

@martinipie maybe I am off base because I don't know any of these other bands, but obviously Drive-By Truckers and Old 97's

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On Friday Open Thread

@upupandaway How long are you going to be there? Do you have a car? I lived in Santa Barbara for 7 years. It's great! What kind of outdoor activities do you like?

You need to go for a walk at Hendry's beach which is also a dog park and see all the happiest dogs in the world frolicking in the waves. There are some pretty great hikes nearby, lots of wine tasting, pretty places to sit out all day, if you are there over the weekend (or Tuesday afternoon) the Farmer's Market is incredible, beautiful secluded beaches, places to rent paddleboards and kayaks, ahhhh I miss it so much! Stupid growing up and having to move to affordable places...

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On Friday Open Thread

@Matilda D'Ephemera I was a vegetarian for 10 years before I went back to the meaty way. It was a big decision for me to make, but it was largely for mental health reasons. Turns out any kind of dietary restriction was bad for my mental health and got slippery slopey when my anxiety got bad.

ANYWAYS, dealing with other people's expectations was mostly just annoying at the time, and some times people I haven't seen in years are still surprised when I prefer some steak to eggplant (which I've never liked), but the big thing is that everyone got over it after a short time. You can still MOSTLY not eat meat (I only eat meat about 2-3 times a week now), and be as judgey as you want about factory farmed foods. Just do what you need to do to feel healthy. Diets fluctuate and maybe you'll go back to vegetarian after some meat experimentation. If you have friends a year from now that are making comments about how you gave up on being vegetarian and whatever that may mean about you, then you can also give up on those friends. They are terrible people.

Good luck with your food choices!

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On An Argument for the "Irish Goodbye"

@swirrlygrrl I find that falling asleep on the couch, then getting up to "go to the bathroom" and ending up in your bedroom works just as well as an announcement. This only works if you have nice friends who like you, which is all you should have anyways.

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On An Argument for the "Irish Goodbye"

@causedbycomma there is nothing better on earth than going to bed!

Probably going to bed early at your own party only works if you are the right amount of drunk and have roommates or live with your partner.

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On An Argument for the "Irish Goodbye"

I started doing this occasionally at parties when I was tired, and it became my thing that I do at every social event ever. Once no one is looking I am out the door. It never occurred to me that anyone would care if I slipped out of a party.

But I also have a tendency of just going to bed if I am hosting a party at my house and it's too late and everyone is doing fine. So don't listen to me.

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