On Ask a Clean Person: Hard-Cleaning a Kitchen, a Very Special Episode

@SBGBlogs - What you said!

I had the same problem, compounded by neighbors who refused to take care of their out of control roach issues. I sealed every single gap between floor boards with caulk, but for holes around pipes, large holes in walls, etc., I used this stuff -
It's a cheap silicone sealant that expands when applied (similar to mousse when it comes out of the can). It looks like it takes over, but when dried, it can be cut, sanded, painted, etc. It saved my ass - big time.

My pest control guy is *outstanding* and I am not quick with the compliments. But you're absolutely right - call a professional - it's not worth f***ing around. Spend the money and sleep much better.

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On Gwyneth Wants You to Get It Together

@blily I was just thinking that! I genuinely feel bad for her daughter. When she grows up and takes a gander at her mom's behavior/quotes.....ugh. What a horrible moment for her to understand how disliked her mother is and why.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Spilled Nail Polish and Mysterious Smells

White vinegar cleans *everything*. Stainless steel, glass, cooktops, etc. I always have a huge gallon jug of it in the house. Also Mrs. Meyers. Love the lavender stuff.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Stovetops, Used Bike Shorts (Yup!), and Yellowing Sheets

@DrFeelGood Want to boost it even more? Use *very hot* water and dissolve the Oxiclean in it and soak 'em!

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