On Miguel, "Adorn" (Live at the Billboard Awards)

No to Miguel crotch-planting and head-kicking and not stopping to see if he killed anyone and no to Chris Brown forever.

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On What Goes With Your Netflix Marathon

I don't have a clever drink pairing (I drank sauvingnon blanc) but I really really recommend Top of the Lake, which just showed up on my streaming account. It's got a lot of the trappings of a cliched procedural drama (rape, murder, 'hard-boiled' female detective) with sort of a more intelligent and feminist viewpoint. Also lots of hot sex.

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On Hiking the Tetons

I grew up backpacking in the Sierras and we'd see black bears almost every summer. The worst thing that happened was that they'd eat all of our food (once by breaking into our minivan before we'd set off, and once in camp before we'd started using bear canisters).

Grizzlies scare me a lot more. I've backpacked in grizzly territory but never seen one in the wild. I have, however, taken in an eyeful of bear spray that my husband was testing out, and I feel a bit safer carrying around something that is able to inflict that much pain.

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On An Evening of Redhead Appreciation

@BlushAndBashful Great song choices and renditions. I don't know how she deserves to be such a good singer when she's already an excellent podcaster and writer.

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On Alone in Mongolia

There is also an abundance of yaks in Mongolia. Here's a baby yak:

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On Alone in Mongolia

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On Alone in Mongolia

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On Alone in Mongolia

@Emma K@twitter Me and a tiny Mongolian horse: http://on.fb.me/Zspyop

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On Alone in Mongolia

@laurel I went to Mongolia in 2006 and I rode some horsies. Adorable little horsies that didn't even come up to my shoulder. That's the only place where I've ever galloped on a horse (and not had to sign any waivers or take any safety precautions whatsoever before getting on a horse).

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On New Beyoncé, Wavves, Strokes

I don't think I'll ever like any song that has that slowed-down male vocal effect. It's so sinister-sounding.

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