On You Can Still Count Resolutions If You Start Them Today

@Quinn A@twitter ugh i am so frustrated on your behalf!! i was very much against the idea of accutane, but looking back i'm really not sure why... i think it gets a bad reputation from all of the personal injury lawyers attempting to get money from a legal precedent that was established in the 80s. i haven't looked into this in a while - but as i recall, when accutane first came out the drug companies were found guilty of not doing enough to warn women of the birth defects that can occur if a pregnant woman were on accutane, and they lost a lot of money in a lawsuit that i think is still open, or something. i am obviously not a lawyer. but nowadays the drug companies are super serious about it bc they don't want to be sued - i couldn't renew my prescription each month until my dermatologist submitted my negative pregnancy test to the pharmacy. also every pill box had an illustration of what my alien accutane baby would look like if i were to become pregnant... it goes a little overboard now, frankly.

but that aside, i say to heck with your doctors apparently fragile egos - you should get that referral!! if they refuse, i would look into changing doctors. it isn't worth it to stick with doctors who dismiss your concerns and allow their personal feelings to interfere with your health. and if you do consider accutane or any other serious drug, you'll want a dermatologist to walk you through it. i saw general practitioners about my skin for years as well, and once i found a good dermatologist i realized what a waste of time that had been. they either didn't have the time or the inclination to take my problem that seriously.

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On You Can Still Count Resolutions If You Start Them Today

@Quinn A@twitter that's ridiculous your doctors won't refer you to a dermatologist - it's a dermatological problem!! if you flat out tell your doctors that you want a referral, do they refuse? because that's crazy. maybe look for new doctors... but i totally understand your pain, i had problems with my skin for years, and the breakouts for some reason became completely crazy when i was about 28. finally my dermatologist convinced me to complete a cycle of accutane. it has scary sounding side effects, but in my case i experienced none of them, personal conclusion - accutane is the best. i wish i had done it YEARS ago.

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On My Boyfriend Dreams of Food: The Second Taco

@Olivia2.0 my husband also talks in his sleep, but it's in Norwegian (his first language) so I never know what he's saying! i like to answer in the only words i know. "ja? jaaa. nei."

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On Racist Girlfriends, Plush Closets, and Sufficient Queerness

@sidral mundet that was way harsh, tai.

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On Last Week on HPV's Girls

@je suis un ananas me too! i have so many inappropriate reactions to this show. and when that guy she was dating, Adam, said he had just seen his "dick dr" last week for it, i was like, those don't exist!!

but now i'm wondering if i am just out of the loop. do guys have an ob-gyn equivalent? someone just to monitor the health of their stuff?

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On The Four White Girls of the Apocalypse

@thebestjasmine seriously though i think we'll have to settle for an "agree to disagree" ending on this one, but i really do appreciate the debate! i understand where you're coming from, and your comments have really made me think more critically about my own perspective.

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On The Four White Girls of the Apocalypse

@thebestjasmine is there a logical fallacy for the misapplication of logical fallacies? if so i would apply it here!

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On The Four White Girls of the Apocalypse

@WaityKatie that's true! the characters are not very distinguishable, and i think it's totally valid criticism to be like, these girls are all variations of the same lady, and that bores me. but there's a difference between being a boring writer because you can only speak to a very narrow character (yourself, your best friend who is really similar to you), and institutionalized racism.

and she does give all the good lines to herself! ha. i still say good for her. honest writing on tv is so hard to come by.

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On The Four White Girls of the Apocalypse

@thebestjasmine this is part of my point though, it's not a universe, and it shouldn't be treated like one. Girls is a small sliver of one person's life. it's basically lena dunham as herself, her best friend, their two cousins, and the dudes they're having sex with. from what i understand this is pretty much autobiographical (she wrote the first five episodes herself, right?) so i don't think she "whitewashed" any of these characters. they're just based on people who are, irl, white. if her best friend was a POC and she cast the character as white that would be some messed up whitewashing, but i doubt that's the case.

at any rate, i still agree with the larger argument that there aren't enough shows about POC. and i think it's good that this conversation is happening, because whoever is green-lighting pilots at warner bros television and HBO will hopefully hear this discussion and respond with more diverse shows (and fewer things like "two broke girls" - we could hate on that show all week and i would not tire of hating on it!).

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On The Four White Girls of the Apocalypse

@thebestjasmine so accepting that every show does not need to be perfectly diverse, why so much criticism when Girls is not? if Girls were attempting to portray a cross-section of something larger, like "doctors", or "divorced women" i would agree, but it's not. it's a very personal depiction of lena dunham herself.

i think dunham is getting criticism for a lot of other shows' ills. sex and the city and gossip girl would be more accurate places to direct this frustration, imo, because they did attempt to depict larger populations (single women in nyc, upper class teens in nyc) but completely failed to include POC.

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