On The Best Time I Had Alopecia

Shouldn't "the spot grew to 25% its original size" be "the spot grew to 125% its original size" OR "the spot increased by 25% of its original size"? The way it is now makes it seem like it paradoxically shrunk.

Sorry to nitpick, really enjoyed this well-written piece!

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On "Cheap Sunglasses, Expensive Lingerie"

Cheap sunscreen/moisturizer, expensive foundation.
Cheap mascara, expensive eyeliner.
Cheap (comfortable) bras, expensive (but minimal) jewelry.
Cheap jeans, expensive sweaters.
Theoretically I say expensive coat and shoes even though I don't always follow that because I have a tight budget.

Always second hand and high quality over new and cheap, especially in things like jewelry, furniture, and so on.

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On "Cheap Sunglasses, Expensive Lingerie"


Yeah, I like jewelry that you can wear everyday, leave on, get wet, etc, without worrying about tarnishing or damaging, etc. Luckily my taste is conservative/minimalist in jewelry so I can get by with just a few pieces that have been given to me or that I have picked up vintage/ second hand for a great price. What kills me is when people spend a lot of money on designer costume jewelry. Buy less and shop smart and you can buy real jewelry that will last forever and that you can pass down to the next generation. But I get that some people have very ostentatious taste in jewelry and to have "real" versions of that style of jewelry you have to be a millionaire.

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On "Cheap Sunglasses, Expensive Lingerie"

@JuiceBox I used to use the blinc but Loreal makes a tube mascara called Double Extend, which you can get on amazon for 7-8 bucks. It's a bit weird because you put this white base on and then the color on top, but it works like the blinc. No smudging, comes off with warm water. I have really oily/ teary eyes and I hate the gumminess of the traditional waterproof mascara so I am a huge fan of the tubes.

So I go cheap with mascara and expensive with liner, I am a fan of the 24/7 urban decay pencil.

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On Weekend Roundup / Open Thread

@Jazmine Hughes I hope this is a joke! :D

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On Weekend Roundup / Open Thread

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

That's funny because in the last season of 30 Rock when Kenneth becomes CEO, one of the things he offers guests to his office (instead of the typical drink as Jack would offer) is a scoop of chickpeas from the can.

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On Not Like Most Girls

@jannelle Hahaha did you not read past the first couple lines?

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On Bloodfeast: The "Ragwood" Sandwich

@anotherkate Co-sign on the avo. I am in the midwest but from California, avocado prices here make me weep.

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On Bloodfeast: The "Ragwood" Sandwich

I am on my period, and I do want this sandwich.

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On A Woman Tapes Her Street Harassers

Aaaargh. That's what women were put on the earth for!!

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