Hyde Park.

On Let's Make a Faux Cross-Stitch Emoji Sweatshirt

I knew it was a shrimp as soon as I saw it, good job. 10/10 would wear.

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On Let's Build a Dependable Stool

@MarianTheLibrarian YES

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On The Disgustingly Good Black Bean Brownies

Argh! Get those brownie crumbles away from that lovely knit blanket! ;) No but this looks delish.

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On Are You Normcore?

This is just the young generation's version of thrift shopping. For them, 90s and even early 2000s is vintage. Also this is hardly new, when I first arrived at my university as a grad student years ago, I noticed that sometimes I couldn't tell a hip undergraduate apart from a midwestern middle aged mom if I saw them from behind.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Blushingflwr I just came to say the same thing. I can't remember if I opted in or if it was default, but I definitely get email notifications!

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On Friday Open Thread

Ok, so this may be a sensitive topic, but here goes:

I have only commented a handful of times here (but I have been an avid reader for a while) so maybe I don't really have a right to be annoyed, but I am so disappointed that all the commenters seem to have left en masse for The Toast.

I'm just going to say it, I don't really like The Toast. It is actually physically hard for me to look at, I think it has something to do with the color scheme, like the text is gray or something? And the layout and commenting format is very weird.

Also however cliqueish the commentariat was here, it is so much worse there. It's like everyone arrived already knowing each other (which they did). Actually it's not just the comments, the vibe of the whole place has an in-group feel.

Okay I'm done with my complaining, had to vent.

Does anyone else feel the same?

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On We Hacked Anthropologie

Did they get matching bob haircuts? They are both so cute as always.

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On A Shopping List From the 1897 Sears Roebuck Catalog

@stonefruit Haha so true. I don't live in the Bay Area any longer, I am very surprised to learn that place hasn't been shuttered yet.

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On Friday Open Thread

Recommended read: Lydia Kiesling's review of "Cuisine and Empire: Cooking in World History" by Rachel Laudan over at The Millions, with is interspersed with truly funny personal reflections about food and cooking.


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On For Our Periods, An App For That (That Being Our Periods)

@di If you tracked your basal body temp you would likely get a warning as to when your period is coming, because even in women with irregular periods, the length of time between ovulation and menstruation remains the same cycle to cycle. It's kind of a commitment but once you get used to doing it it's just second nature. Bonus is you get to find out when/ if you're ovulating which could be useful info down the line.

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