On Friday Open Thread

@BattyRabbit OKCupid Ghosts are so awkward! Hide in the reference section until s/he is gone?

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On Friday Open Thread

I think Spring has gotten lost, or been waylaid, on Her way here because it is still all SNOW SNOW SNOW and also COLD COLD COLD. But at least there's a lot more sun. All the trees are trying to bud which is both hopesome and worryful at the same time.

I can't read for fun right now as I am beset with deadlines (since February, gah!!!) but I am looking forward to the new Terry Pratchett once the last deadline is slain deader than dead (Sunday? hoping Sunday).

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On Happy Pi Day

My family (mom, dad, and me) are self-proclaimed Pie-Pantheists (and lousy pun enthusiasts). My dad makes the world's best pies. I just talked to him on the phone and he said in honor of Pi day he is making quiche AND pie. PIE! Maybe out of frozen cherries and blueberries. Or possibly apple and dried cranberry. Anyway, it will be epic.

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On Happy Pi Day

@stonefruit Best. Cheer. Ever.

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On An Unhealthy Relationship (with Food)

I am so glad this had a happy ending! Pancake Man sounds like a real piece of work. I just keep thinking, that poor girl! Ban men, indeed.

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On Ask a Psychic

@Blushingflwr Thank you for saying what I meant to say far more clearly than I was able to! Yes--our society frowns on psychics, but sanctions many other professions that seem equally charlatanic (is that a word?).

I don't believe in psychics, but I enjoyed the interview.

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On Make Your Very Own Dinosaur Serving Dish

@isabelle bleu You need to read The Hoboken Chicken Emergency! Six-and-a-half-foot chickens are just misunderstood. :-)

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On Make Your Very Own Dinosaur Serving Dish

Nothing can ever top the Swants episode, but this is wonderful.

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On Make Your Very Own Dinosaur Serving Dish

@isabelle bleu I wish I had a best friend who wanted to spray-paint things gold with me! Alas, her interests lie elsewhere...Anyway SHOCKING NEWS I recently found out that THE BRONTOSAURUS DOES NOT EXIST! Never has! Here is a story about it:
Apparently it was a mistake made out of competitive haste back when there was a big race to find and name all the dinosaurs ever, or something.

I am still upset that a significant portion of my childhood has been rendered invalid. "Apatosaurus" just doesn't have the same ring to it, dammit!

[PARENTHETICAL ASIDE: I also learned that chickens (OK, birds generally I think? but I care about chickens) are likely the closest living descendants of dinosaurs, and now I see my chickens as being smaller, gentler pterosaurs and it makes me happy.]

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On Ask a Psychic

@Das Rad Sure, maybe "Ask a Homosexual Conversion Therapist" or "Ask a Hedge Fund Trader" or "Ask a Bloodletter." [/sarcasm]

In the ranks of people making money out of others' desire for wish fulfillment, this woman seems less harmful than many, and she has clearly put a lot of thought into what she does. There are better targets for your snark.

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