On Weekend Roundup

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) Congratulations on open mic! You are brave to be doing standup, that is terrifying to me. Music is so much easier. Positive feedback is fantastic, too!

I think I can summon up 5 things:
1. Finally got nekkid with another human after a 6-month-plus dry spell
2. Had 2 big jobs come in, and 1 small one (I freelance)
3. Ate spinach and arugula from my own garden
4. Finally framed two things I had been meaning to put in frames foreverrrrrr
5. Had a date cancel this evening but stayed at the bar and drank dark beer and read Wodehouse and laughed my ass off by myself.

These good things are somewhat mitigated by the Dire Event that happened yesterday afternoon, in which I made myself a lovely cup of tea and drank it as I worked, and there was a LARGE SPIDER in the last mouthful arrrrghhhh I am still not over it. How did a spider get in my tea?!?!?! And I don't even mind spiders!

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On You Are, Was, and Always Will Be Pussy Control

Preach it, Jia!!!! This is so well put, and all bonus points for the Prince quote.

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On It's Sexual Harassment Season at TJ Maxx!

Hey Hairpin,

Whenever I click on any link today, I get a pop-up message that says the following:
"Enter username and password for http://b46.sitemeter.com"

It has fields for entering the info after the message. When it pops up, I can't follow links to any email address on the site (which is why I am putting this message in the comments).

I am pretty sure it's a malevolent phenomenon. Hope you can remove it.

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On Spin, Measure, Cut: Hobby Lobby and the Tangled Skein of Reproductive Rights

This is just so, so good. Thank you Susan, and thank you Hairpin for publishing it!

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On Hillary Clinton, Do Not Feel Guilty About Your Pleasures

@Gleemonex I love this too but I also love "Holy goat-horned Shatner!" It is perfect.

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On The Trouble With Reader-Shaming: A Y.A. Book List

@de Pizan I have never managed to get through The Book Thief and I have always felt vaguely guilty about it, like I'm betraying the Adult Readers of YA Books Club or something. So I'm kind of glad to learn I am not the only one who didn't like it.

I hear Code Name Verity is wonderful but very sad. I think I will give it a try anyway.

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On The Trouble With Reader-Shaming: A Y.A. Book List

I have, in several instances, found "adult literature" to be really inferior, generally speaking, to many of the YA books I have read. Of course there are exceptions, but a lot of modern "litrachah" gets really wrapped up in symbolism and language and seems to regard the story as being completely beside the point. In my view, a book must have at its heart a good, compelling story to be worthwhile. Several well-reviewed books I have attempted lately (I am specially thinking of The Story of Edgar Sawtelle) had all the MFA frills and none of the substance to make a properly satisfying read. I'd rather be subjected to the worst thing Daniel Pinkwater ever wrote than slog through another chapter of that sort of horseshit.

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On The Trouble With Reader-Shaming: A Y.A. Book List

@themegnapkin Reading what this Graham person had to say about Eleanor & Park makes me think she should stick with reviewing cleaning products or something. That was a GREAT book.

Speaking of Chabon, have you read Summerland? Not as amazing as Kavalier & Clay, but a very worthwhile read (and aimed toward young adults) nonetheless.

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On The Trouble With Reader-Shaming: A Y.A. Book List

@angermonkey YES. Nation is such a great read for anyone of any age! Pratchett's other YA books are pretty good too--I especially enjoyed the Tiffany Aching books set in Discworld.

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On Everyone Wave Goodbye to George Will

@and it's not even my birthday Ha! Perfect--that explains everything.

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