On It's Sexual Harassment Season at TJ Maxx!

Hey Hairpin,

Whenever I click on any link today, I get a pop-up message that says the following:
"Enter username and password for http://b46.sitemeter.com"

It has fields for entering the info after the message. When it pops up, I can't follow links to any email address on the site (which is why I am putting this message in the comments).

I am pretty sure it's a malevolent phenomenon. Hope you can remove it.

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On Spin, Measure, Cut: Hobby Lobby and the Tangled Skein of Reproductive Rights

This is just so, so good. Thank you Susan, and thank you Hairpin for publishing it!

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On Hillary Clinton, Do Not Feel Guilty About Your Pleasures

@Gleemonex I love this too but I also love "Holy goat-horned Shatner!" It is perfect.

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On The Trouble With Reader-Shaming: A Y.A. Book List

@de Pizan I have never managed to get through The Book Thief and I have always felt vaguely guilty about it, like I'm betraying the Adult Readers of YA Books Club or something. So I'm kind of glad to learn I am not the only one who didn't like it.

I hear Code Name Verity is wonderful but very sad. I think I will give it a try anyway.

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On The Trouble With Reader-Shaming: A Y.A. Book List

I have, in several instances, found "adult literature" to be really inferior, generally speaking, to many of the YA books I have read. Of course there are exceptions, but a lot of modern "litrachah" gets really wrapped up in symbolism and language and seems to regard the story as being completely beside the point. In my view, a book must have at its heart a good, compelling story to be worthwhile. Several well-reviewed books I have attempted lately (I am specially thinking of The Story of Edgar Sawtelle) had all the MFA frills and none of the substance to make a properly satisfying read. I'd rather be subjected to the worst thing Daniel Pinkwater ever wrote than slog through another chapter of that sort of horseshit.

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On The Trouble With Reader-Shaming: A Y.A. Book List

@themegnapkin Reading what this Graham person had to say about Eleanor & Park makes me think she should stick with reviewing cleaning products or something. That was a GREAT book.

Speaking of Chabon, have you read Summerland? Not as amazing as Kavalier & Clay, but a very worthwhile read (and aimed toward young adults) nonetheless.

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On The Trouble With Reader-Shaming: A Y.A. Book List

@angermonkey YES. Nation is such a great read for anyone of any age! Pratchett's other YA books are pretty good too--I especially enjoyed the Tiffany Aching books set in Discworld.

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On Everyone Wave Goodbye to George Will

@and it's not even my birthday Ha! Perfect--that explains everything.

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On Everyone Wave Goodbye to George Will

Good lord, how is someone that clueless still *breathing*--much less getting his drivel published?

I feel like the MEN WHO CANNOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PRIVILEGE AND CRIPPLING SHAME tag could apply to a dismaying number of articles--but hopefully using that tag to ridicule such individuals will result in less of a need for it overall. Thus, mixed feelings!

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On The Cider Report

Jim Behrle I am so glad to see you again!!! I enjoyed your cider trials very much.

I think the Forbidden Fruit being an apple thing is originally a Latin pun: malus is Latin for evil, and malum means apple. But who knows, for Augustine it was a pear.

Anyway, the only way to drink hard cider properly is from the tap, I mean draft cider. That canned shit is terrible. Northern Michigan has a number of fine cideries, should you ever have a chance to visit! My favorite place also serves pickled eggs.

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