By tofuswalkman on How Many Types of Millennials Are There?

billy crystal's former face or like his face he has now that he is an old person?
the only thing i like about potatoes is they remind me of vin diesel's glorious head.

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By Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) on It's Been Real, Buds

Jia. We <3 u.
Thank you for writing about everything you wanted to write about. Thank you for being intelligent and funny and not backing down when the occasional internet stranger tried to mess with you or the Hairpin. Thank you for helping to keep this place up as a little corner of the big, bad Internet where I could hide and laugh at things and not worry about what anyone thinks.

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By Stacy Worst on WIRED: Edward Snowden Interview

Speaking of which, hairpin/awl media, you should consider supporting https/SSL and, holy shit, you should definitely not send passwords in clear text like you're doing.

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By amitygardens@twitter on #Ferguson

This breaks my heart so much.

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By antilamentation on 42

As I read the essay, my eyebrows rose higher and higher towards my hairline, which is nearly 40.

"It's OK, eyebrows", I thought. "You are also nearly 40 and so fast approaching your prime."

I soothed them by stroking them with my two index fingers (also well on the way to desirability.) "I don't know who this Tom Junot fellow is, eyebrows, but we can rest assured that he desires us solely on the virtue of a bunch of projections and a crass generalisation of femme d'un certain age."

And then just like that, magically, both my middle fingers (so close to that magic age!) spontaneously rose up in tribute. They were really feeling that gravitas, you know? So much gravitas. And let's face it, as nearly 40-year-old middle fingers do, they just had to show it.

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By Mariajoseh on Preexisting Conditions

Hairpin, you're killing it these days! This was wonderful.

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By Ophelia on The Hobby Lobby Pie

Ann Friedman, you are a national treasure.

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By stonefruit on The Hobby Lobby Pie

Hey, I totally described my mental state yesterday as "vibrating with anger"!

Also, yes I said yes I will yes to if you can't handle me at my worst you don't deserve me at my ruth bader ginsburg. She is a national treasure.

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By leonstj on "With the animals dying around us/ our lost feelings we are saying thank you"

i think a ghost just punched me in the stomach.

(i did not know this poem and now love it tho)

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By The Attic Wife on The Trouble With Reader-Shaming: A Y.A. Book List

What I find completely perplexing about this entire debate is the assumption that books marketed for adults are automatically complex and challenging. There is a huge difference between reading a book by, say, Margaret Atwood or Christopher Moore (just to pick two writers at random with very different styles). They're both "adult" writers, I would argue one is generally more challenging to read than the other. I would argue there's a comparable difference between YA books written by Rainbow Rowell and Meg Chabot. What Graham doesn't seem to understand is that books that fall under the banner of "YA" are hugely diverse. YA is not a genre in and of itself, it's a marketing demographic and to assume that all YA literature is fluff is lazy thinking. It's just as absurd as (for example) picking a James Patterson book at random and saying that his style and quality of writing is representative of all adult literature as a whole.

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