On Your Liquid Liner Is Crooked, Let Me Fix It For You

@Haley Mlotek Wow, I thought it was like a rule or something that you had to do both! Hmm will try your way.

Smoky eye is some next-level shit though. I don't think I'm ready for that.

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On Your Liquid Liner Is Crooked, Let Me Fix It For You

This is great, hooray! But what about the bottom of your eye? You don't put liner or mascara there? Why not?

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On My Requisite Muppet Post


Also Jaya it is great to have you here, it is a soothing balm on the wound of No More Jazmine, please feel free to never ever leave.

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On Face Masks with Absolutely No Placenta Listed in the Ingredients

Thank you for this! But I also love the reviews of placenta products! So I am confused about face masks (whether they contain placenta or no). Are they for pimples? Or exfoliation? Or what is their purpose, exactly? I have kinda dry aging skin so I am afraid to try a mask for fear it would take what's left of my thinning epidermis or make me wrinkly or something. Can anyone advise?

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On Kalpna Patel, What's Actually In Your Bag Right Now?


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On What Is It, Jessica Williams Day?

Fuck, yeah, Jessica Williams day is a good day!

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On Who Said It: 46-Year-Old Marilyn Manson or My Stoned Alt 19-Year-Old Cousin Lester?

Lester! I do hope you sterilized that thing first.

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On What Happens If You Put Placenta In Your Hair?

I can't believe you guys did this, but I am so glad you did.

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On Schoolhouse Rock, the Foundation of This Country

Holy shit, Jazmine, somehow this post made me realize for the VERY FIRST TIME that I am as old as your mother and I am simultaneously terrified of being that old and also thinking your mom must be so proud of you. And this is kind of freaking me out so I can't talk about Schoolhouse Rock, even though (like your mom) I grew up with it in the seventies. OK I'm going to go hide from my feelings now.

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On Lovers, Scientists, And Other Animals: An Interview With Mari Ruti

This was a fantastic interview. Especially this part:
Evolutionary psychologists and self-help authors who are walking the same line of reasoning are basically giving women the message that if they do not abide by these stereotypes they will not be loved. This is a very powerful threat. Most of us want to be loved, so what ends up happening is that even women who are feminists, who feel liberated, who have powerful careers and educations still think that they have to perform their gender in specific ways in order to be loved. It’s a very powerful incentive.
Somebody send Amy Alkon a copy of this book! Maybe I'll do it myself...

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