On The Ultimate Guide To Wearing A Jumpsuit

Jaya I detest jumpsuits but I will wear one if you promise not to leave us please don't leave us! Unless it's to go write a book or something.

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On "Boy, Are You.."

I have a Hotmail account that I use whenever dumb websites demand an email address. I haven't actually looked at it in, like, years.

Most of these ring far too true for my comfort, too. FML.

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On A Satisfying End-of-Relationship Goods Exchange In Three Acts

This made me laugh really hard. It might have been tinged with the bitterness of recognition, but it was a good laugh nonetheless.

Good night, Blob!

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On When You Put A Stripper Pole In Your House

Once I accidentally caught him watching me with a mixture of pride, adoration and pure lust, and then I attempted to handstand-cartwheel out of an inversion and smashed into a bookcase.

I think if I tried pole dancing there would be a lot of smashing into bookcases. But it still sounds fun! I don't think you have to be good at it; just be you at it, and it will be the greatest.

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On Your Liquid Liner Is Crooked, Let Me Fix It For You

@Haley Mlotek Wow, I thought it was like a rule or something that you had to do both! Hmm will try your way.

Smoky eye is some next-level shit though. I don't think I'm ready for that.

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On Your Liquid Liner Is Crooked, Let Me Fix It For You

This is great, hooray! But what about the bottom of your eye? You don't put liner or mascara there? Why not?

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On My Requisite Muppet Post


Also Jaya it is great to have you here, it is a soothing balm on the wound of No More Jazmine, please feel free to never ever leave.

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On Face Masks with Absolutely No Placenta Listed in the Ingredients

Thank you for this! But I also love the reviews of placenta products! So I am confused about face masks (whether they contain placenta or no). Are they for pimples? Or exfoliation? Or what is their purpose, exactly? I have kinda dry aging skin so I am afraid to try a mask for fear it would take what's left of my thinning epidermis or make me wrinkly or something. Can anyone advise?

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On Kalpna Patel, What's Actually In Your Bag Right Now?


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On What Is It, Jessica Williams Day?

Fuck, yeah, Jessica Williams day is a good day!

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