On A Semi-Microeconomic Analysis of Halloween Treats

@emilylouise Yes! A handful of popcorn and 3 milkduds is pure movie watching bliss.

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On Have a Sexy Little Halloween

@Delighted by User I inadvertently went as as sexy Slimer once. At some point during the night I found my costume too restricting and ripped it off. I ran around in heels, booty shorts, and green body paint.

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On Menstrual Cups: Are They for You?

@DorothyMantooth But have you ever known anyone with TSS? It's like an urban myth. Not that it hampers my paranoia about the whole dying from a tampon thing but I haven't even heard stories from a friend about a friend of friend who ever had TSS.

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On Beauty Q&A: She's Got Legs

@EWorth I heartily second this. I have 2 pairs of heels from BC Footwear and not only are they super cute but they are as comfortable as sneakers.

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On Leeches

Apparently there was a time when I did not fear leeches as we used to collect them so we could run leech racing heats. We would put them in pans and shake salt on them. I shudder just thinking about it.

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On The Eyeshadow Tutorial: Three Different Looks

Ahhhh, this is great. I love these tutorials. I actually coloured in brows for the first time on Saturday and went from cute to super sexy.

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On Terrible Pick-Up Lines

Ahahaha...last week a dude in a motorized wheelchair yelled out "Guuuurl, you have a mighty fine stride, I'm just trying to keep up with you."

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On Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

I see that romper and I think: If I was the type of girl who planned ahead of time to go to rockabilly night instead of going for drinks and watching the hockey game, only to have the pub flood with sexy Betty Page lookalikes and live music (3 times!) the minute the game ends, I would get that romper and rockabilly the crap out of it. But I am also still staring at the horizontal tights my mom just sent me in the mail, thinking, I am never going to wear those. Sigh.

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On You Are Your Cat's Puppet

Oooooh I had this shirt but it was hot pink and the bottom was frayed and beaded. My parents brought it back from Jasper and I was pretty popular for about a week at my elementary school.

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On What Books Were Bestsellers the Day You Were Born?

I feel like every woman I know read this book and Flowers in the Attic when they were like 12. We used sit in a circle at recess time and read it out loud together.

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