On The Wine Scout: If You Like Pinot Grigio…

@Inspector Tiger I thought the name was due to its effects on one's digestion...

Delicious yet deadly!

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On Options on Ice

@wee_ramekin OH! Thanks, I missed that somehow. I specifically wanted a Hairpinny take :D

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On Options on Ice

@tortietabbie I would be really curious to know more about egg donation, if anyone wants to write up that experience.

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On Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe, the Trailer

This looks good, but just makes me sad that Me and Orson Welles wasn't a big a hit as it should have been.

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On You Have One New Death

@Kate Musgrove My teenage cousin posted about our grandmother passing away apparently within minutes of her death. Aaaaand that's how I saw the news. It was very strange, I think my anger towards my cousin was, at the time, equal to my grief. Confusing times.

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On Bad Irene "Jokes"

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On German Words for Gchat-related Psychoemotional States

@gimlet Sorry! What I meant was that the concept is funny but the execution isn't particularly great, if one happens to know German. (I don't know why I go around the internet assuming people DO...)

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On German Words for Gchat-related Psychoemotional States

This would be funnier if you appeared to know any German at all :-/

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On For Ladies Who Masturbate Too Much

Dirty Girls? Is anyone else reminded of Reverend Caleb from Buffy?

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On Myths and Legends: Director's Cut


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