On Fitness Class Review: Pole Dancing

@Craftastrophies This is super old BUT most bellydancers I've seen in my city rock a squishy belly and several are definitely on the fluffy side. I say go and see if you like it!

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On White Man From Virginia Claims 800 Square Miles of African Desert So Daughter Can Finally Be "A Real Princess"

At first, I thought this was from the Onion. Then I thought maybe it was a historical old-timey anecdote, since there is a vintage ad next to it.

But no. This is for real happening in 2014.

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On Spin, Measure, Cut: Hobby Lobby and the Tangled Skein of Reproductive Rights

@de Pizan How else can they present themseleves martyrs for the Christian right? Hobby Lobby is run by hypocrites.

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On Britain's First Clone Puppy Is 10-Day-Old Dachshund Named "Mini Winnie"

Aw Mini Winnie is super cute. And speaking of clones, the BBC show ORPHAN BLACK is frickin awesome!! Go watch it!

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On Talking to Heather Doney and Rachel Coleman About Child Abuse, the Quiverfull Movement and Homeschooling Policy Reform

@MILFofMagnesia I don't disagree with regulations or having someone "check in" and make sure that education is actually happening and that abuse is not happening. But telling people whose kids are "too bright or too slow" to go start a Montessori school instead of homeschooling is not at all a realistic option.

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On Talking to Heather Doney and Rachel Coleman About Child Abuse, the Quiverfull Movement and Homeschooling Policy Reform

@MILFofMagnesia Why do you think that your experience is that of every child, then? "My strong reaction comes from the fact that my family was very dysfunctional and the thought ever being home schooled and cooped up all day with my abusive mother makes me shudder." Homeschooling would not have been right for your family. That doesn't mean it's wrong for ALL families.

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On Every Dress Worn by Best Actress Oscar Winners, 1929-Present

Why didn't you show up, Katharine Hepburn??

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On Hot Paleo People

I think some of the anthropological reasoning behind it is a little bullshitty (how do I REALLY know what my ancient ancestors ate and also, no way they would be eating coconut oil) but...I don't care, I've lost excess weight with almost no effort (had to cook all my own food pretty much from scratch which is a PITA) and I feel way awesome. I wish it had a different name so people would stop focusing on the caveman deal.

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On Talking to Lauren Oliver and Lexa Hillyer, "Story Architects" for Young Adult Literature

This was very interesting. I've always wanted to write YA books but never knew how to start -- at least, with regards to whatever happens after you've written the story.

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