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@thiscallsforsoap I lived there while I was in school, though mostly in on-campus housing. And that was 7 years ago at this point, so things in Irvine may be more hip now as the University grows in size and moves up in rankings.

Irvine is the definition of suburbia: clean, safe, master-planned, beige, beige, beige. Surrounding cities like Costa Mesa, Orange, Laguna Beach, Santa Ana, heck even Newport, have a lot more to offer. Irvine is a great city for biking however, and there are many city and nature bike trails. There are also a lot of nearby hiking trails and of course, beaches.

Let me know if you'd like more info!

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By omgkitties on Friday Open Thread

@thiscallsforsoap Irvine is perfectly nice and safe but definitely a bit blah. Luckily it is super close to Santa Ana (great downtown area) and Orange (great everything). Worth checking out if things go well and you're looking to move. Good luck!

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They filmed part of Planet of the Apes on the UC Irvine campus. If that helps. It's a pleasant livable place that is great for raising a family (as they always tell you), but the whole town was urban-planned and built from scratch in the 1970s and it is very suburban. You can't walk anywhere -- the sidewalks keep disappearing into gutters edging multi-lane highways. Nice Persian grocery stores, though.

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By Brunhilde on Friday Open Thread

@thiscallsforsoap Irvine is very Orange County. I think Mike Dang is from there? Or at least he went to UCI. It's very suburb-ey. Lots of gated communities with quaint engineered shopping plazas filled with higher end chains.

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By polka dots vs stripes on Friday Open Thread

@thiscallsforsoap Irvine's a really nice town, but it is and is completely surrounded by suburbs. I have friends in the area who bike a lot, and it's gorgeous, but you're definitely going to need a car to get around. It's also pretty wealthy (lots of fancy cars with USC bumper stickers), so depending on your salary you might end up living in a different Orange County suburb.

All of the stereotypes about LA traffic apply to Orange County - Irvine is near the 5 and 405 interstates and getting around can sometimes be headache inducing. You'll be pretty far from Los Angeles, if you want to be near a big city, to be honest. I still love the area, though.

Good luck!!

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@thiscallsforsoap Good luck!!!

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Oh, just described a new species, nbd. Otherwise this week has been pretty dumb: lost my keys in the snow, feel exhausted pretty much all of the time, haven't worked on any of my "after work" projects I have been meaning to, late on several deadlines. But I have chocolate cake and Mystery Science Theater 3000 waiting for me at home. Weekennnnnd!

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@thiscallsforsoap please youtube "Don Cherry's Piano Desk". Thank you.

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