On Jane Marie, What's Actually in Your Makeup Bag Right Now?

Jane, I need to know how similar that revlon primer is to touche eclat - replacement status? I hate myself for spending $40 on that tiny pen full of genius on a regular basis, but definitely notice a difference when I skip it.

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On Beauty Q&A: Remember Crystal Gayle?

@hands_down I bought a clarisonic a couple years ago (the full size, professional one, bc I am a chump), for the same "feel like I should start some type of skincare regimen" reason. I like it but am not obsessed with it, and sometimes don't use it at all because it adds another step (mascara removal, not trying to clarisonic my eyes) to my nightly routine and I am LAZY.

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On How Can You Stand to Wait at Baggage Claim?

here is a little secret...TSA no longer actually cares if your liquids are in a plastic bag. I just keep all my makeup & other liquids wherever I'd usually put them, and the only time I was stopped was when I brought a big (6oz?) tube of lotion thinking I could just sneak it through. TSA lady tossed that but let me keep my 4oz conditioner and didn't say a word about the non-plastic-bagged liquids strewn about my makeup bag. let alone the 5-6 lip glosses floating around my purse at any given time.

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On Mascarapedia, Volume I

@allofthecrafts Jane, please review Falsies! I actually take the falsies brush and dip it in zoom lash with good results -- the falsies mascara itself dries out real quick but the brush (curved one) is great.

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On The Secret Lives of Shoppers

@Megan Patterson@facebook prenatals definitely made my nails amazing, but they also made me throw up every morning, like an actual pregnant person. I take biotin with an only slightly less awesome effect on my nails and zero puking.

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On Learning to Love Ben, Part Four

@(not so) wise owl I can't for the life of me remember how I know this -- yes they're responsible for their own wardrobes, but if they make it to the final 4 they get reimbursed for all those sequins and wedge heels. motivation!

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On What Charles Manson Means to Me

@Bebe me too! I wrote my senior thesis on Jonestown and the Branch Davidians and I still devour whatever I find about cults. I've been into fundamentalist Mormon groups of late, but the newish book "a thousand lives" retells the Jonestown story using all of the recently released FBI files and I couldn't put it down. recommend.

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On Hot Yoga Changed My Life, Body, and Spirit Animal

Also! GET HYDRATED before you even attempt a hot yoga class. It will (probably) prevent you from feeling nauseated. I freeze powerade zero and bring those to drink in class as well.

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On Hot Yoga Changed My Life, Body, and Spirit Animal

Blondie, did you leave out "Seventh, Matt Saracen might sweat next to you" intentionally?

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On Beauty Q&A: Thin Lips, Mustaches, and the Lip Gloss Missing Link

oh thank goodness, I thought my order was f'd til I read the comments. to the makeup newbie, if you're under 25 (I'm guessing yes) with reasonably good skin, don't wear foundation -- you don't need to. concealer, tinted moisturizer on occasion, and translucent powder will do you. NARS orgasm blush, a good mascara (I like maybelline falsies right now). for lips, clinique black honey flatters everyone and mark juice gems lip gloss sticks LIKE WHOA for $6.

seche vite is totally a game changer. my nails are still recovering from a couple gel manis and thus get a base coat of OPI nail envy, but I normally use seche clear.

I'll be giving Dior addict a shot. Love your posts Jane!

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