On A Beta Male Journeys Through the Femireich

and the illustration is the BEST. who's it by?

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On The Non-Monogamous Couple Returns

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On The Non-Monogamous Couple Returns

@Anita Ham Sandwich I misread your response as 'he is still of the beard', which struck me as a lovely way of putting things.

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On Aideah and Sophayden

@LolaLaBalc It was a girl's name! They called a girl MyLiege! With the capital L and everything!

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On Aideah and Sophayden

@maybe partying will help Antrim Zeezrom/ Daxson Ekewawa/ Myliege Elite/ Speedy Esther... it's like reading a list of Second Life usernames. (Noone on this website is geeky enough to get that joke, but it's fine).

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On Aideah and Sophayden

@a small sea To me the weirdest thing about that is that you pronounce Bowie to rhyme with Zoe, not wow- ee, so it's not even like David and Angie named him that because it rhymes. The best not weird thing about it is of course that Zowie Bowie's life has patently not been ruined by his parents being drugged out spacer wackjobs, because he went on to a) change his name to Duncan Jones and b) make Moon. Well done that man.

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On Moms

@dj pomegranate 'WHAT IS THIS PHOTO OF' = MOMCAPS. I love momcaps. Whenever I get a momcapped text from my mummy my heart squinches with love a little bit.

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On Truly Upsetting

Have listened to Ill Communication very loud, have listened to Check Your Head very loud. Am now listening to Hello Nasty very loud. Will buy Paul's Boutique tomorrow, and listen to it very loud. I'm sorry about this, neighbours, but if you don't understand that's your lookout.

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On Truly Upsetting

@leon.saintjean i love that you 'played Beasties' when you were a kid. That's just... awesome. :)

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On Can We Do Red Velvet v. Carrot Instead?

@beeline96 My sister went with 'a human', which I thought was cute. Then that evolved so that her version of Hasselnussen was 'The Human', and by the end of her pregnancy instead of asking 'how are you feeling in yourself, what with being pregnant and all' type questions I would be like 'how's The Human?'. And she'd be like, 'ugh, jesus, piles', or 'God, I'm just getting to grips with the idea that the Human has to come out via my vagina'.

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