On Friday Open Thread

@coolallison Ooh ooh.

-Dinosaur Ridge for REAL DINO PRINTS. And nearby Red Rocks for pretty and low-key hiking. They've also got a little geology/music museum, as you do.
-Boulder is having an Open Studios event that weekend, opening artists' studios to the public from noon to 6pm, I believe.
-The Highlands neighborhood across 25 from downtown is chock-full of awesome food. Another kick-ass burger place other than HBurger is Park Burger, and they have a location up there.
- Check out The Tattered Cover bookstore!

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On The Health Care Pie

@daisicles I have family who vociferously oppose the ACA. Their basic argument seems to be that by interfering in health care, the government will ruin it for everyone. Not all of this seems to follow logically (obviously, I disagree with them), but they're claiming consequences like employers dropping their plans and forcing employees onto the exchanges or doctors stopping taking insurance altogether because they hate Obamacare. In their philosophy, government = bad, no two ways about it.

They say they want to see improvements to the healthcare system, some of which Obamacare actually enacts, but they want to see it done "without government." I'm not saying racism/classism aren't involved in the opposition (I would say they are, unconsciously), but this really is a major philosophical schism about the role of government, I think. It's very hard to see the other side's point of view, it runs so deep.

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On Donkey Ambulances for Afghan Women in Labor

Yikes. The most unpleasant part of active labor, for me, was the car ride. Cannot imagine how unfun a donkey ride would be, blow-up saddle or not. But also, wow. "Cool and sad and cool" about sums it up.

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On Friday Open Thread

@sophia_h I missed that Momterview thread! I will have to go check if you got any good advice, because I'm going through the same thing. I underestimated how physically attached I'd feel to my daughter. I can really identify with what you're describing, wanting to have your hands free but not wanting to put them down.

Three months out is getting easier than six weeks, though. I do think time helps, plus as they get older, they seem stronger/more independent and it's easier to stomach. We've gotten our daughter a sitter, and it was a little wrenching to hand her over that first time, but it has gotten easier. I'm not back at work full time for another two weeks, though, so look for me freaking out on the first open thread in October. :/

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On Friday Open Thread

@mrsnurse Ooooh "Sleep now because you never will again!" was my least-favorite comment during pregnancy. It just made me scared to have the baby! And it's not like you can store up sleep for later, so it's stupid anyway. ALSO you will sleep again. Yes, you're going to be a walking zombie on a 24-hour clock for awhile. It will pass, and you will look back and be amazed that you did it and shocked that the baby is already {x} weeks old and sleeping longer stretches.

Sorry you have to deal with nosy personal questions. My Advice Column hero Carolyn Hax always suggests a straightforward, "Wow." or "That's an awfully personal question." I wish I ever had the presence of mind to try one of those, because those people need to be SHAMED hard.

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On How to Mount a TV When You Have No Boyfriend, No Prospects, and Lack the Shamelessness Required to Ask for Help

@fabel It once took me approximately 2 months from purchase to hang some curtains, so I felt this piece, too. And, I mean, I'm the handy one in my relationship! (With a man.) Sometimes you just get in over your head or need tools you don't have and it all becomes a comedic tragedy. I mean, I've owned an electric drill for years but it turned out I needed a hammer drill to get through my walls. I get the criticism, but I see it was more of a lol@myself piece too, rather than some statement on womanhood/masculinity.

Also, I miss A Handy Femme.

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On Why Climb?: My Cardio Apostasy

I like this a lot. I'd call myself outdoorsy, but I've never identified a tree on the trail either. I'm always thinking about the same things you describe. Sometimes there's a lot of passive-aggressive competition amongst the outdoorsy, like who is having the most intense nature experience (or being the first to bag the world's highest peaks naked and walking backward or whatever). It's way more enjoyable to check out of all of that. (For example, in Colorado the 14ers, especially non-technical climbs, are packed on weekends. The 13ers, on the other hand, are deserted. And the views are just as good.)

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On Today's Bleak Read

Holy God. "Posting for a friend," a North Carolina woman wrote in June. "8 Year old Guatemalan female Resides in North Carolina with her family Adopted at 8 months into current family…"

She's been their child for 7 years! HOW.

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On Good Man Profiled

Ha, is everyone on the internet insufferable? (Of course, I've been reading Slate today, so my sample may be skewed.)

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On Friday Open Thread

@KeLynn I just bought some of these! I ... Really like them, but they taste nothing like cotton candy to me. My husband says I'm crazy and that they taste exactly like cotton candy so I don't know. Is this like a cilantro thing? Do I lack the cotton candy grape gene?

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