On Photo Etiquette and the Modern Family

@hands_down when I see myself and feel awful about how I look, I don't need or want anything from anyone. I want to say how awful I look because it's "true" (to me). If anything, I need to let other people know that I know how bad I look.

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On Can We Still Be Friends?

@shantasybaby Not cray. This is in-line with my experience 100%

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On Can We Still Be Friends?

My own version of this is that I just don't like to remove people in my "friends" list from the "people I'd like to makeout with" list. I am open to possibilities! "I'd like to make out, if you wanted to" is not the same as "I WANT TO MAKEOUT WITH YOU, IT IS THE SOLE REASON I SEEK YOUR COMPANY". Also I guess I do limit my makeouts because I have a girlfriend and we are committed to making out with only each other, but that doesn't shut off my ability to find other people attractive.

Or maybe I am some kind of monster.

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On Ask a Humanities Grad Student, Part One: Scotch and Lentils

DGTGS is the new DTMFA

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On How to Throw a Shrimp Boil

Can anyone tell me why the crawfish/shrimp/seafood boil we attend every spring is always *gross* instead of awesome? You eat a pile of cold, chewy, sea bugs covered in flies and that tastes like the Galveston sea (gross).

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On Ask a Humanities Grad Student

I'm too late to this thread and now there are a billion comments! I met some good people in grad school (including AHP), but it remains one of my greatest missteps in my adult life. MAJOR regrets, still recovering from it. There have to be less expensive ways to figure out what you NEVER want to do again in your life.

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On The Best Time I Thought I Was Going to Die Alone in Punta Cana

@Third Wave Housewife "I've read about them before it just stuns/offends me that the human body just does shit like this for NO REASON!"

THIS. I haven't gotten migraines in years, but still sometimes I want to just light myself on fire to teach my stupid body a lesson.

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On The Agonizing Ecstasies of Male Contraception

@deepomega just like my nipples

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On Lies, Kissing Biblically, and Translucent Officewear

I feel like most if not all dudes need to wear undershirts, regardless of nipplage.

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On How Not to Order a Drink, Part Five

So I'm going to be that guy and say that if you are in Austin you should go to Simplicity Wine Bar on Burnet because they have a happy hour that does not fuck around and it feels more like a BAR than a "wine bar" *cough*vinovino*cough*

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