On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Robert Redford, Golden Boy

I am sure someone has asked you this before, but I would LOVE for you to do a Classic Films 101 post with a list of maybe your 20 top films for the uninitiated? There are SO many I feel like I should watch, but I don't know where to begin. Plus it can link back to all these amazing classic Hollywood stars posts.

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On "Always a Fire"

Thanks to Jane for the graphic images warning/avoidance info! I love short films and stories like this are always absolutely amazing, but am the biggest wuss and get a bit queasy with some stuff, so I appreciate when I can just shut my eyes for anything gory.

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On The Best Time I Went on a Candida Cleanse

I looked into this a while ago, after the internet promised me it'd be helpful and solve all of my problems (& more!). However, I'm ultimately glad I didn't because it is one of the most restrictive diets, with extremely little solid proof behind it. I don't think I can get on the bandwagon of anything that makes you cut out a whole swathe of fruit and veg - that's my hard limit. A good, varied diet with lots of fresh stuff and acknowledging what you're eating and what you can handle is the best bet.

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On The Egg-Yolk Trick

@Bloodrocuted I totally don't understand the bacteria angle - you're only switching it between the insides of the eggshell, which it was already chilling out in until you cracked it haha, but I accept all the other arguments for the bottle method. It is super cool, but I was mainly just curious because I'd never really found it an issue!

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On The Egg-Yolk Trick

@keristars But wouldn't you get shell in the bowl then? I'm not sure that this solves shell fragment issues! :(

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On The Egg-Yolk Trick

@harebell But you also dirty an extra bowl, which is way more incentive for me to just go shell-style.

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On The Egg-Yolk Trick

Isn't it simpler just to do it in the shell, by switching it between the halves so the white falls away? I've never had any problems doing that, but I guess if you screw it up this can be your fallback to grab the yolk out.

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On Real Talk

Super powerful piece and I think it deals with this topic in an incredibly brave and logical way. There are millions of ways in which I, the person I know today, would never have been born and the decision to terminate or not to terminate by a mother is only one in a huge chain of chances and happenings. It doesn't take away from the value of a person's life for them to acknowledge these chances and attempt to objectively as possible assess the situation. Not every woman wants to or can be a mother and forcing a child upon someone doesn't magically make them capable, especially with the lack of support in our community.

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On Interview With a Bat

@OhShesArtsy Oh my god. Shower worms. That is a nightmare come to life. I think my feet have tried to shrivel into little balls to escape. As a girl, I hated the idea of standing on shower floors/tiles that were wet/public pools etc. You get the idea. I think I was paranoid about fungus, but at home I'd always have a little flannel I put down to stand on. One for washing, one to keep my feet safe. I don't know, but shower worms bring back all of those feelings and more.

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On Interview With a Bat

@Yahtzii I had the pleasure of writing a paper on that film. Definitely an iconic Aussie film, which is terrible and wonderful all at once.

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