On Come Sit By Me: A Literary Alternative to Missed Connections

I like this idea! For my brother, actually, as I am already married... but my brother commutes by car, so that doesn't work... let's figure out a system of hooking up cool people we know. Anybody in the --- area looking for an awesome guy??

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On Needs More CGI Unicorns: Your Weekend Soundtrack, Courtesy of Eurovision 2013

Hate (not really) to be the one who says this... but is anybody really surprised the Greeks are singing "alcohol is free"? It isn't, but hey, who is to blame for that economic disaster in Greece?

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On Friday Open Thread

@iceberg Thank you, surprisingly warm iceberg. I think what makes it such a mind game is the parade of baby photos on facebook.... everybody and their mother is having no issues getting pregnant, or so it seems. Nevermind the fact that that is not the kind of information anybody posts on facebook! I'm not, either. Duh. So yes, will chill out and keep having fun trying ;) Thank you for the kind words!

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On Friday Open Thread

Just going to whisper this over here at the bottom of an expired Friday thread... but I just got my period, and while that is a "yay!" for many, we've been trying to get me pregnant for 6 months now and apparently this is not as easy as I thought it would be. Sadpants.

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On Ask a Clueless Lady

@RNL Thank you for that. It actually surprised me how grateful I felt reading your response.

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On Ask a Clueless Lady

@joythemanatee Also! I went to a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor, and she did that whole pulse feeling, looking at your tongue, asking questions thing and determined some stuff and prescribed me some traditional herbal chinese medicine tea... the pharmacy mixed it up for me, and it actually helps significantly.

I used to catch a cold a looooot, but far less when I drink this tea every morning, and way less cold sores, too. But the tea tastes like dirt (earth and plants and weird). It also cost 100 Euros for a 3 months supply. This was in Vienna, just fyi... not sure how this is in the US.

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On Ask a Clueless Lady

@anodyna I had a crazy outbreak of cold sores a few years ago and my doctor gave me valtrex for it.... it actually made things worse for the next few years. I got more cold sores, more often! It's gotten better, but I've never taken valtrex again.

I've taken L-Lysine upon the recommendation of my dentist, and it works ok for me... works really great for my dad, though.

Right now I am a big fan of Hyland's Cold Sores & Fever Blisters natural remedy. It works great! But always only for a while, then I need to find something new. Tea Tree Oil on the spot used to be awesome.

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On Ask a Clueless Lady

@saritasara My vote is that he IS flighting with you, and he's a scumbag for it. 1) he has a girlfriend and 2) you work together! This has WTFBBQsauce all over it.

Next time he's like that, maybe just ask "so how's your girlfriend donig?" and don't be all subtle, trying to wait for the right moment. As he's grabbing your chin, or playing with your earrings, holding your hand to admire your beautiful nails, just look him in the eyes and ask point blank. Let him know you know what's up, and that you're too good for this shit.

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On Ask a Clueless Lady

I just learned from some commenter above that oral herpes can be transmitted even while not having an outbreak, thus potentially causing genital herpes.

About 10 years ago I was sexually assaulted; the guy basically held my head and fucked my mouth. WELL THEN! I am relishing the thought that I have given him genital herpes.

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On Ask a Clueless Lady

@meetapossum I had a boyfriend for quite a while who treated me just like this.... turns out he was hiding some rather serious alcohol issues and smoking all sorts of things, which he knew I was against. So later I realized that whenever he disappeared for a while like that, it was because he was doing those things.

LW1, get out! You deserve so much better!!!!!!!!

Maybe this will get a small laugh, it certainly is not meant to insult, but ... wonderful? you keep using this word, but I do not think it means what you think it means.

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