On Choose Your Own Fatventure: Interview Clothes

Thanks, figwiggin, I appreciate the deets! And that dress is adorable.

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On Choose Your Own Fatventure: Interview Clothes

Amazing work, Cherri! And thank thank THANK you for introducing me to eShakti. As it seems I have to be born-again this summer as a Working Girl and wear weeks' worth of non-pajamas, it is a godsend. (If anyone can post their experience with the fit and materials of eShakti, that would be great!)

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On The Hairpin Sign

@ejcsanfran: just, if you're looking to broaden your panel, I've had great luck with my roomba. It is also works as a preliminary to step one!

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On "Did the Students of 1898 Spoon?"

But I bet the following contemporary usage brought forth sniggering:

7. trans. To court or pay addresses to (a person), esp. in a sentimental manner.
1877 ‘Mrs. Forrester’ Mignon I. 252 It was pleasant to spoon her when there was nothing else to do.
1894 K. Grahame Pagan Papers 148 When a Fellow was spooning his sister once, they used to employ him to carry notes.

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On "Did the Students of 1898 Spoon?"

Via OED:

a. intr. To lie close together, to fit into each other, in the manner of spoons.
1887 Harper's Mag. Apr. 781/2 Two persons in each bunk, the sleepers ‘spooning’ together, packed like sardines.
1894 Outing 24 343/2 The precision with which we could ‘spoon’ that sad night was truly beautiful to behold.

b. trans. To lie with (a person) spoon-fashion.
1887 Harper's Mag. Dec. 49/2 ‘Now spoon me.’ Sterling stretched himself out on the warm flag-stone, and the boy nestled up against him.


6. intr.
a. To make love, esp. in a sentimental or silly fashion. colloq.
1831 Lady Granville Lett. (1894) II. 77 The billiard room, in which they spooned.
1864 G. Meredith Emilia xxxvi, You might have—pardon the slang—spooned, who knows?
1872 C. J. Lever Ld. Kilgobbin lxxix, So long as a man spoons, he can talk of his affection.
1898 J. B. Wollocombe From Morn till Eve vii. 84 Many danced, while others spooned under the influence of the summer moonlight.

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On "Will Money Destroy Your Marriage?"

My handy trick is to set up a repeating annual Google Calendar alert, every four months for each of the three bureaus (you are entitled to a free report from each, every year). The hopeful idea is that I could catch an account opened in my name within four months instead of a year's time.

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On Black Ladies, Just Like the Other Ladies

Quick, an antidote.
And my favorite comment:
Thank you
Submitted by tressie on May 16, 2011 - 6:30pm.

As a black woman and a doctoral student in social sciences I've dissected this nonsense all day. I grow weary. I am heartened, however, by a "mainstream" response. It's nice to have allies. We don't often have them.

And boxplots! LOL He used BOXPLOTS! For his reckless abuse of boxplots alone he should be shunned by all serious scholars. smh

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On Save the Date: May 19

@Jolie Kerr ;alsfjk;lksdafjkl;fja (although it won't be the same post- MJ :()

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On Save the Date: May 19

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeyes I can't wait to see you ladies, and especially you, Mantooth, your absence was felt in December!!

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On Save the Date: May 19

How fortuitous, I already have a trip booked to NYC on May 19!! Just, oh, do have it start early?? Otherwise, ladies, join me for the pre-party party!

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