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On Introducing the "Girlfriend Zone"

@Miss Maszkerádi don't do it! Although my case may be different, but my 'big rom-com realisation guy' was an abusive arsehat who didn't think any of my friends were good enough leaving me isolated, alone, and under his control. I wish it had a different ending then him cheating on me, me wanting him back because he was all i knew, and then having than horrible a-ha moment when i realised this wasn't a normal relationship, and no one deserves any of that.
Fuck everyone that told me he was a great guy, fuck everyone that told me i was being irrational and overreacting, and fuck the system i grew up in which led to me not questioning a man who behaved like that.

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On Introducing the "Girlfriend Zone"

@A. Louise yes! I thought that too!
There's no way a conversation between Ann and Leslie about Ben can be anything BUT Parks and Rec related.

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On What Are the Consequences of Being Turned Away?

On one hand women are being told not to walk alone at night because it's too risky
On the other hand women are being told to give birth to unwanted children because they will grow to not regret the decision?
Sorry but the second one sounds like a greater risk to me.

I dont like this world where an unborn feotus has more rights than a human being.

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On A Guide to Eating Very Particular Feelings

@Antonius Block yup that last one just got me - even if it was more than 5 years ago since my last breakup it still got me...
I don't have any suggestions, just kind words and hairpin hugs

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On Six Fairy Tales for the Modern Woman

@dharmabean wow - amazeballs doctors are too few and far between.
i love this story. xx

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On Six Fairy Tales for the Modern Woman

@Heat Signature there was a woman who came to the conclusion that spending time around her extended family made her incredibly anxious and socially awkward because although she was happy with her decision to not get married and not have children there was always a weight of expectation. Her decision to only see family on important occasions was accepted and she was applauded for putting her own mental health ahead of family expectations.

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On The Over It Pie

@katiemcgillicuddy I should have made it clearer that i'm also replying to the imaginary (work colleague 10m away) jerkwad that you are

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On The Over It Pie

@katiemcgillicuddy Do you eat pork? Do you use a method other than demolishing your house to clean mold?
Your argument is invalid.

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On Who Invited This Guy

@par_parenthese yes me too! seriously I thought that dressing up a church hall with hearts made from coat hangers and finger food was normal.
Now I feel glad that I've escaped and am able to choose whatever I want to do with my life, including not having a wedding, not having children, and knowing that my value as a person is not affected by the number of sexual partners i've had.

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On The Original Swiss Army Knife

@Porn Peddler my partner found a leatherman washed up on the beach. The police weren't interested so he's had it in his fishing kit ever since. And has wished good karma on whoever lost it in the first place.

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