On A Song of Spice and Fire

If this piece is indicative of what the next era of The Hairpin is going to be like then THAT IS AMAZING.

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On Friday Open Thread

@pajamaralls Omg, I know. Who knew I had so much in common with Channing Tatum??

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On Bill Murray and Me

@chrysopoeia I want to hear more about Alan Cummings run ins! What was he like and where did you run into him? I wish the memory markers that I have were from meeting someone as lovely as Bill Murray or Alan Cummings!

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On Never Have I Ever Written a Book (Until Now): A Conversation With Katie Heaney

"We’re just all individual people doing what we want, or at least that’s how it should be. " - THIS. It's really refreshing to hear someone say that. I saw in an interview recently (maybe linked to on THP?) that Mindy Kaling said she was so successful in part because she never had any boyfriends or went to any parties while growing up. Movies/TV NEVER mention that there are people, especially women, who are entirely 'normal' who just didn't happen to date all that much or at all, unless they labeled those women as some kind of outcast or nerd. Can't we just do or not do whatever our life happens to unfold to on whatever timeline it happens and not judge ourselves for it? Whether it's about dating or losing our virginity or getting high for the first time? I mean damn. Anyway, congrats Katie and I will definitely buy your book!

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On Answering All the Questions in Beyonce's New Album

@yeah-elle The only person who can live up to her Beyonce is Beyonce.

This was so legit, Jia.

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On There Is Horror Everywhere


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On There Is Horror Everywhere

@Titania You are not alone!! NIGHTMARE. But somehow knowing it was photoshopped made me more able to sleep at night.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Amphora "Have you heard of Scotland?"+ Ron going to the whiskey factory and crying at reading the poem + April showing so much growth + Jean Ralphio and his dad + Tom being 'Babyface'- Oh god it was so good! It has been around long enough that I was worried it was past its glory days but it was so great.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Quinn A@twitter I love The National with all my heart but I have to admit that they have a rep for being a bunch of white dudes who mostly write (beautifully written, soul stirring) depressing songs filled with heavy symbolism and whose fans take themselves a bit too seriously. But I LOVE THEM and am probably one of those fans.

I was supposed to see them in Paris a few years ago but ended up not being able to use my ticket. :( Spend all your head space enjoying the concert and not thinking about a psycho who wants to serve you with a restraining order (whaaat??)

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On Louis C.K. on Conan: "Life is tremendously sad, and that's why 100% of people who are driving are texting"

@Fear Biter This is so true. However, I loved this because I feel like he managed to somehow describe Buddhism in a hilarious and relate able Louis CK manner (or at least what I've taken away from meditation/yoga/Buddhism)- that we spend a lot of time running away from feelings like sadness and anger because it sucks to feel them, and those feelings usually end up coming out in other ways as we try to avoid them. But if we learn to face those things and meet them head on and allow ourselves to feel what we perceive as the worst, we're a lot more likely to come to a kind of peace with ourselves. Whether or not people relate it to Buddhism or not is irrelevant, but it's awesome that so many people who might not otherwise hear this train of thought will because of Conan + Louis.

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