On Seasonal Affective Disorder Olympics

I don't know which of these is my favorite- "keep shredding that gnarl!", domepiece, that shit got ugly ahahahahaha- but I do know I could be the Michael Phelps of Curling (Into A Ball).

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On Friday Open Thread

@Alissa Nasti@facebook It makes me really sad, too, but I've contributed to the problem by being a silent lurker. Lately this site has been crushing it and I wish that more people were around to realize it. Also, I was honestly a little surprised at the massive jump to the toast. I love the toast as well, but it seems odd to me that people don't have room for both.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Jinxie I wouldn't have been able to resist either. I have a similar tendency to get ahead of myself with this stuff, but it's normally pretty fun so I run with it. And if you found yourself a hairpinner, you're lucky!

(also wasn't that misandrist lullabies post THE BEST?)

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On Friday Open Thread

@Jinxie Wow, if a dude disparaged mansplaining on a first date, even though I know we shouldn't reward people for just being not-terrible, I would probably have trouble not falling just a little bit in love.

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On United States of Awesome

"Raise a prosthetic limb!"


Also I'm working today because what's more American than capitalism?

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On Friday Open Thread

@Vicky I'm not sure what's going on either...when I attempt to access it from my laptop, the link takes me to a Google Apps page and requests that I sign in to my email at thehairpin.com. But my kindle took me directly to the actual survey, so I'm good there.

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On Friday Open Thread

Oh I'm embarrassed to even ask this, but: I can't figure out how to enter myself on to the Hairpin map. It is asking for my @hairpin user name, but won't let me enter spaces...does it want my email address? What obvious thing am I doing wrong?

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On What Is a "Water Fountain"

@Emby I've lived in AZ for about ten years and I still don't know the nicknames of the freeways- listening to traffic on the radio is useless for me. Is the Superstition the 60?

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On What Is a "Water Fountain"

The discovery of drive-through liquor stores was one of the few bright spots of moving to Arizona.

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On Friday Open Thread

@atipofthehat I only use them about once a month, now- which is still too much, obviously. I use mint.com, and I pay very close attention to my money, it's just...I feel like the debt is not going anywhere.

I'm definitely now looking into some part time work. And/or moving back in with my parents for six months or so, which will make a HUGE dent in that giant number.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions, and please, if anyone has more, keep them coming!

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