On How to Remember Father's Day

@A. Louise My partner's father passed away a week ago of a brain tumor. We both watched him take his last breath. Sunday is going to be hard, and very strange.

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On What Made You a Feminist?

@tee I guess I'll tell my own feminism story while I'm here...

My parents (especially my dad) raised me to believe I could do or be whatever I wanted, be it an adventurer, a detective, a volcanologist or a pro soccer player (all things I wanted to be when I was little). I think I was really disappointed as a young girl to discover that the world didn't celebrate women who wanted to be strong and independent and brilliant. I officially became a feminist when I went to university and discovered that what I already was had a name.

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On What Made You a Feminist?

My friend is on this list :D

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On Hierarchy of Airport Crushes

@martinipie No makeup and smeary glasses! That's me, too. All I really care about is being comfortable on the plane, but I am truly in awe of the people who manage to look dewy and uncrinkled after a flight.

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On Beauty Q&A: Cheap Creams, Jeans, and Long Hair Dreams

@werewolfbarmitzvah Okay, but doesn't Retin-A dry your skin out like crazy? And LW1 said she already has pretty dry skin. I have the same problem! I want to use this miracle product but I'm afraid that my face will disintegrate into a pile of skin flakes (gross, sorry).

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On You'll Need a Winter Coat in Paradise

Ottawa? But why?? Yes, there's a nice canal, but other than that... just, no.

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On Happy Thanksgiving

@gobblegirl Americans have mac and cheese at Thanksgiving? That sounds pretty okay to me...

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On Happy Thanksgiving

Oh man, I love Thanksgiving so much. We had ours last month, here in Canada. I'm so jealous of you guys :(

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On Becoming Bisexual, Part Two: No Longer Just for Ladies!

@frigwiggin We're in the exact same situation! Just wanted to let you know.

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On Are You Sure You Know How to Wash Your Face?

@Misselthwaite Nope, she totally says Muslim!

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