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It's little kids riding sheep as though they were professional rodeo stars and it is AMAZING.

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On This Wedding Season, Say Yes to Strangers: What I Learned From My Craigslist Date


I would say that at $500+ for the weekend it's solidly okay for him to decline, particularly since it's the wedding of a good friend and, ostensibly, you'll know everyone there. If he were also close with your friend I would maybe think differently, but no, I don't think you're being a pushover.

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On A Brief Addendum to Our Craigslist Wedding Story


Assault and battery are specific intent crimes, so if you're hammered off of your ass and shoot someone thinking the gun's unloaded and with no actual intention of causing injury there's no real prosecutable crime there. Well, here in NC they'll charge you with discharging a gun in city limits/an occupied dwelling or, my personal favorite, going armed to the terror of the public. But I'm getting carried away.

NickMike could've sued the shit out of him, though, but that's a whole different (and friendship ending, but it seems like maybe that's not so much an issue here) ballgame.

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On This Wedding Season, Say Yes to Strangers: What I Learned From My Craigslist Date

@lora.bee I found roommates on Craigslist with whom I lived for 4 years and who remain very dear friends.

Yay Craigslist!

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On This Wedding Season, Say Yes to Strangers: What I Learned From My Craigslist Date

@whimsy I quote this movie ALL OF THE TIME, and no one ever gets it.

When they're at the bar, and Debra's sister is hammered, and she falls into her and slurs "you're my half sister but I whole love you!"

My half sister is not at all impressed by it.

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On An Interview With a Mom of Triplets

@iceberg There seemed to be hints of a follow-up; did I miss it or did it just not happen because of the departure of Nicole?

I so wanted to hear more about the Bergy Bits!

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On How to Behave on Your Online Date: A Bartender’s Perspective

@par_parenthese I don't know, it's a woman writing a piece about dating for a primarily female audience. I think maybe she's just writing what she knows, as they say.

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On Daisy, You're a Drip, Dear: Detestable Literary Characters Who Are Not Technically Villains

@[sic] I am so awkwardly in love with him. This is the best.

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On The BRCA Gene, Our Mother, And Our Insurance Plans: A Chat Between Sisters


I fully respect your position, but I think that Angelina is getting shit on because people expect her to say something that isn't really relevant to her point. Is this an option for every woman? No. Is it only an option for people with movie star money? No. I have a solidly middle class aunt who had a preventative mastectomy about 10 years ago - insurance covered a lot of it. Angie's being attacked (and I don't mean to imply that you're attacking her, but in the media) for not talking about our shitty healthcare system. But that's not what her article was about. Plenty of other people are talking about how shitty our healthcare system is, and we have no idea what if anything she will attempt to do to change that. But she's talking about this surgery that she has had, that plenty of women get talked out of because it reduces their femininity or affects their options for feeding their children or all of these other reasons that don't speak to the fact that women are walking around feeling like they have ticking time bombs strapped to their chests.

Yes, it's expensive. No, not everyone has access to it. But that doesn't mean it's not an overlooked option for some women, and doesn't change the fact that we should absolutely be talking about it so that those women who CAN afford it know that it is, in fact, a viable option. I have a problem with the idea that just because everyone can't afford it we just shouldn't talk about it, or respect the bravery of someone so celebrated for her femininity speaking out about her experiences.

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On 10 Things My Yoga Instructor Said That Almost Made Me Quit Yoga

@KatPruska I just started watching Call the Midwife and she is fantastic, I'm so excited to know about her show!

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