On What Your American Girl Doll Says About the Rest of Your Life

I had one that looked like me! I'm Latina and the Josefina one hadn't come out yet. I even had glasses to match mine! (My parents actually bought glasses for some of my other non-AG dolls too lolz)

I was a Girl Scout and played violin so my doll had a Girl Scout outfit and a violin recital outfit w/violin and music stand. I was thinking about bringing my pink doll case where I kept my mini-me and her accessories to my apartment in NYC but I dunno is that too weird??

Once a guy made fun of my SINGLE beanie baby I had displayed in my college dorm room (if he only knew the madness going on in my parents storage shed...) so IDK, might be a bad idea...

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On Terrible Pick-Up Lines

As an ethnically ambiguous woman I always get "so what are you?"

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