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On The Lazy Self-Indulgent Booklet

CONGRATULATIONS NICOLE! And Pitocin w/o epidural, you are a warrior queen.

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On Fashion Month for Busy and/or Lazy People

CRYSTAL RENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!! (And also this was awesome.)

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On Amusingly Horrible Things Bosses Have Said: The Bracket

@vodkasaurus Boss got broken up with by her fiance. She knew that my mother had died a couple of years before, but not the exact circumstances (suicide). After her fiance ditched her: "I really think this must be so much worse for me than your mother's death was for you..."

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On Bus Crushes, Door-Non-Openers, and "Scumbag" Siblings

@sonambula Usually if the first meeting you try doesn't click, the standard advice is to try at least 3-4 different meetings / groups in your area, because they've all got their own personalities. I.e. when I was a NYC-er I could not STAND the UES meetings but the Brooklyn ones were amazing!

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On Foods From Fiction: Turkish Delight & Raspberry Cordial

@annierebekah It IS the best! There is a big Turkish population in Berlin and it is very easy to lay hands on the real stuff here, and OMNOMNOMNOM it is so delicious.

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On Kate Bolick on Refusing to Settle (Part One)

@Jolie Kerr, annev6 Me too. Am at the moment more successful career / moneywise than my dude, used to be the other way around, and it is definitely a little more complicated this way. He is thrilled and enthusiastic for me, but since he IS ambitious for himself, it is hard for it not to also make him feel insecure. I... really have no clue what to do about it, other than be nice. Sigh.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Get Rid of Your Men, Seriously, They Are Revolting

@DullHypothesis I dunno how often you are cleaning the box itself, but the plastic totally harbors pee-stink after a while. Washing the empty box / lid / etc 1st with dishsoap and hot water, then wiping down w white vinegar, let the vinegar soak for a while, then dump and rinse and refill with clean litter, usually makes a major smell improvement!

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On An Interview With ROSAT, the New Satellite Hurtling Toward Earth

Tut mir leid, ROSAT. Tut mir leid.

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On A Femme's Guide to Improvement: Advanced Finger Painting

Girrrrlllllll, just last night I was trying to explain to someone the unmatched awesomeness of pounding clay! It has been soooo loooong since I have worked with clay. Slip is magical.

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On Yearbook Poetry

@rebecca@twitter I came here thinking, surely I am not going to be the first to mention those damn lothario dentists?

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