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On How My Obsession With Furnishing A Future Put Me Nearly $40,000 In Debt

@17995777@twitter I think you may have totally missed the point of OWS. Shame.

The fact that there are entitled individuals out there does not in any way alter the reality that millions of people are being completely and legitimately fucked over on a daily basis by the people with money and power. Perhaps you might consider feeling sorry for them.

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On The Blueberry-Banana-Coconut Muffins

Yum! I am wondering whether these would work with some walnuts thrown into the mix; any thoughts?

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On New Romance: A Practicum for the Living

Ohh, this was so wonderful, Nadine. Thank you so much. My mom died suddenly but of a most-of-my-life-long illness when I was 22, and I've had so many of these feelings, and you articulated them so beautifully.

It is amazing how people think relationships end at death. They don't.

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On "Take a Step That Is New..."


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On So You Barfed in Your Copy of Jolie Kerr's My Boyfriend Barfed in My Handbag

YAY JOLIE!!! Congratulations!!! So well-deserved, and so fantastic.

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On What I Meant to Do

Oh, Simone, this is so beautiful. From another lady blessed to have a dozen such mothers, thank you.

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On Namesakes and the Air Force

@Saaoirse I think a lot of us didn't criticize her politics because it's a personal choice. I certainly 100% disagree with her and agree with you for all the reasons listed, but LW1 was pretty clear in stating how she felt about it, and that is entirely her right. It's her brain and her life and she didn't say anything about having moral / political qualms about it, so I felt like that was really not the advice she was asking for, even if it's the advice I personally might want to give.

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On Namesakes and the Air Force

@livador We didn't - - I was in the US and he was in Europe so it made it, shall we say, easier to keep a distance. We did talk and email because neither of us was very capable of letting much time go by without speaking to each other. Finally I said I needed to cut things off, because I couldn't fall out of love with him, and he was dating someone else, and it was destroying my head, and right after that he had to visit the US for a sick relative, asked if he could see me, we had dinner, and it was pretty obvious we couldn't stay away from each other. So after a bit of a messy entr'acte, he broke up with Lady #2, we got back together, and I moved to Europe. I waited to move till it was right for me (it was absolutely the wrong timing 3 yrs previous when he moved here) and I could also see we had both matured / changed separately in ways that would give us a better shot together.

In your situation (and ugh, I'm so sorry - half my family has major depression, it is a horrible curse) I guess it would be harder because it isn't so black and white. All I can say is try not to let the fear of losing him push you into something you know it isn't time for. If it isn't time, it won't work anyway. And if it is, it will! I never believed in the 'if it's meant to be, it will work out'... until it happened to me. We couldn't live without each other, and if that's true for you guys too, you will work it out, sooner or later. hugs :)

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On Namesakes and the Air Force

I've redated! Quite successfully too. (Together 4 years in the same city, messy horrible LDR breakup several months after he left the country - similar situation to yours -, 2 yrs 'broken up' but still in love with each other, and now almost 5 years back together, so far.) I think when it works it's because whatever caused the breakup (location, bad emotional dynamics, etc) has been resolved or evolved in some way that allows you to reconnect on a deeper / healthier level, and the love is still there. So thumbs up for honesty, and good luck if it's the right thing for you guys!

Military lady, just to reiterate Lily and A Lady's advice, foreign service and also NGOs are major, awesome options - I have two amazing friends who have lived all over the world working for places like CARE and Oxfam and Doctors Without Borders.

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On Things to Do With Old Cottage Cheese Containers

This. Was. Awesome! (Edith, do you have a Google alert set up for all things "Call Your Girlfriend"-related?)

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