By jrhaggs on You've Been Tying Your Shoes All Wrong: An Interview With "Professor Shoelace"

"...shoelaces have been one of the most trivial of all objects and the butt of countless jokes..."

Come on! Tell us some shoelace jokes for fuck's sake! What a tease.

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By thebestjasmine on Why, Rihanna?

@erica767 Seriously, we're calling this bullying now? In a post about domestic violence, we're calling people who are calling someone out for wanting the internet to cater to her bullies? Look, the internet is a place where anything goes. Everyone has things that they don't want to see, whether they be spoilers, spiders, dolls, or moldy bread. I find dolls kind of terrifying, and scroll really fast past the doll posts. Do I post a comment telling Edith that I don't like dolls, even though I know there are other people out there like me? No, because the internet is not about me, and it doesn't matter whether I have a condition that makes me particularly afraid of dolls that day. People can be perfectly sympathetic to someone, and still feel like it's out of line to make this kind of demand. That's not bullying, that's showing someone that the world can't revolve around them.

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By avocadoamp on Why, Rihanna?

@erica767 Errr really? If the comment had been "That bread is gross, I hate it!" that would be a good comment! And it would get the point across, and everyone would be all "yay! thanks for contributing!" Bullies? Nay. Not a one.

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By melis on Why, Rihanna?

I would like the picture to be changed to a single piano wire dipped in squid ink and bile, for reasons I do not care to explain. I can assure you, however, that they are medically sound and not to be questioned.

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By petejayhawk on Why, Rihanna?

@Magpie Shinies You're not sorry.

"Please consider me in all your future editorial decisions. Thank you. Also, I have radiation sickness so please ask me about that."

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By piekin on Why, Rihanna?

@Magpie Shinies i think the site you're looking for is right.. over... here

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By cherrispryte on Why, Rihanna?

No no no no no fucking no. Can we please not tell victims of assault and abuse what they should and should not do, and what they're doing wrong?
Chris Brown is a horrible person who ought to never get another moment of media coverage in his life (among other things.) Talk all the shit you want about him.
But Rihanna? Her interactions with Brown and the music she's decided to make are her damn decisions. (Well, I hope they are, at least.) You're not her grandma. And even if you were - it was her relationship, she's the one who suffered the abuse. Let her figure out how to best deal with it.

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By kitten_witawip on Things Men Should Wear: Clothing

Only if you are young when you hang yourself with it.

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By Hot mayonnaise on Sprayed With DNA For Security Reasons

"Warning Criminals: This facility equipped with a remotely triggered semen atomizer."

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By deepomega on "I Am Not Asleep or Drunk"

WHOAH did you see that the thumbs up I gave you made a number appear? Is this syh's tweet's fault?!?!

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