On The bell hooks Hotline: For When You'd Rather Not Give Out Your Number

@HellBooks Yes, I would feel super safe turning you down with a straightforward no. You don't at all seem like someone who might get at the least verbally abusive. No, not at all!

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On Stella Walsh, the Intersex Olympian

@Hello Dolly I read that line and composed almost exactly the same comment in my head.

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On Friday Open Thread

@theotherginger I've got friends in Kettering, which is outside Dayton, so I'll pretend you're going there :)

I went and creeped on your past comments to see where you might be coming in from and I think cminor's right that you're not going to see a huge difference between outside Dayton and say, outside Missisauga (going size-wise, anyway). If you care about baseball at all, look into the Dayton Dragons. They're the only triple-A team I've seen with a packed stadium.

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On Friday Open Thread

@theotherginger There's a handful of us here. Where exactly are you going in Ohio? The "culture" tends to vary by city and what part of the state you're in. (For example, I know absolutely nothing about farming though some stereotypes would tell you I should.)

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On Laird Hamilton Knows

@Mira Hey now, I'm pretty sure Bruce McCulloch is causing all that cancer.

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On Laird Hamilton Knows

@catparty Oof, you have my empathy. I have Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder and most sleeping pills don't knock me out. I'm hoping that it's true that people need less sleep as they get older!

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On Friday Open Thread

@nevergiveaninch I had one friend who took us on a guided "haunted" landmark tour for her birthday and another who got a group of mid-30 years olds to play laser tag. Both were pretty great.

I think a picnic or a cookout in a park would be fun too.

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On Friday Open Thread

Ahhh, it's late and no one's going to see this but I need to vent! I've been job hunting for mumblemumble months and finally got an offer - this is good (though I think I'm still more freaked out about officially changing careers and starting at the bottom than excited about being paid again!). However, I came home to a notice that the agency that bought the building I live in will be raising our rent $45/month and no longer providing free parking. SO. On the one hand, good thing I got a job, on the other, fuuuuuuck that. My apartment is not worth $45 more a month + parking. I love this neighborhood, though and now I'm desperately searching rental listings. Ugh.

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On Friday Open Thread

@cminor Awesome! People in this thread - want to head over to the pin-up google group and see if we can put something together?

...Oh man, I see someone tried to meet up with people at the Winter Warmer Fest last month. I was there! I'm waving to you in the past whoever you are!

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On Friday Open Thread

@cminor Three person Cleveland pin-ups totally work. Some of us went to a Burning River Roller Girls match last year, it was the only pin-up that actually came to fruition ( ...I think, I haven't looked at google groups in loooong time).

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