On The People Have Spoken, and The People Want SWANTS

I love, LOVE that the soundtrack is "'Swonderful" (and everything else about this video)

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On Manicured Lawns, Grizzled Veterans

@mannequinhands Oh yes, that's definitely at the top of my list if/when I make it to Columbus. I've heard it's exactly how you might picture it.

@raised amongst catalogs Love it. "Grandfather was given to these sudden, unexpected, and extremely lucid moments; they were generally more embarrassing than his other moments."

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On Manicured Lawns, Grizzled Veterans

@raised amongst catalogs Absolutely! I really need to set down my copy of My Life and Hard Times and give that one another read.

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On Manicured Lawns, Grizzled Veterans

This reminds me of Wolcott Gibbs' "Theory and Practice of Editing New Yorker Articles", as printed in James Thurber's "The Years with Ross". I haven't mastered linking things in HP comments, but the intro goes like this and it's worth googling in full:

"The average contributor to this magazine is semi-literate; that is, he is ornate to no purpose, full of senseless and elegant variations, and can be relied on to use three sentences where a word would do. It is impossible to lay down any exact and complete formula for bringing order out of this underbrush, but there are a few general rules."

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On Halloween Party Jams

One of my Halloween favorites is "Doin' It in a Haunted House" by Yvonne Gage. It's exactly what it sounds like!

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On The Best Time I Occupied Wall Street

Jane Marie, that interview was you?? I still think about it after hearing it when it first aired, since it did make my face boil off. In a field full of egregious examples of Wall Street entitlement, this interview really stands head and shoulders above the rest. I'd rank it even above "solid gold chocolate fountain" or whatever it was that one dude had at his birthday party.

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On Dear Hairpin: Party Games?

@ryang Oh and I described it wrong...the second person would say "I went to the grocery store and I bought [word beginning with 'A'] and [word beginning with 'B]", etc., so that the last person has to say the entire list of items, A-Z.

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On Dear Hairpin: Party Games?

Okay this doesn't really work for the question-asker's purposes, but the BEST party game I've ever played, which resulted in multiple instances of helpless, uncontrolled laughter each of the three times I've played it to the point where people couldn't BREATHE, is the grocery store game. It's simple--the first person says, "I went to the grocery store and bought [word beginning with 'A']"; the next person says, "I went to the grocery store and bought [word beginning with 'B']", and so on until you've gotten to the "Z"-word. It sounds like a game that should only be played on your 6th birthday, but trust. It's something about the absurdity of the arguments you get into about whether something can be bought at a grocery store, or the increasing absurdity (1) of the list of items you bought, (2) the idea that you would ever say the resulting sentence in casual conversation...and I'm explaining jokes here which is never a good way to go...but man, if you can get a game of that going, you're in for a good night.

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On Does Your New Boyfriend Have Bedbugs? Here's How to Tell

HAHA this is amazing!

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On Kanye Chews on a Dead Girl in His "Monster" Preview Video

So he lives in an American Apparel ad?

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