On The New SAHM

Who could doubt the soundness of this article's analysis of feminism, which displays such high-calibre writing as, "Now Kelly is 33, and if dreams were winds, you might say that hers have shifted."

Alternately: "Now Kelly is 33, and if dreams were winds, you might say that she's broken a few here and there."

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On Honesty, Asexuality, and the Un-Recloseting

@sintaxis Repeatedly referring to someone who identifies as queer or bisexual as "currently mostly straight", "currently all straight", and a "not-perfectly-straight-but-mostly-hetero special snowflake" is a form of biphobia, and doing so when discussing passing privilege doesn't make it any less biphobic.
I feel that this article is also relevant: www.rethink.org/about_mental_illness/personal_stories_blogs_forum/blogs/mental_health_news/bisexual_people_hav

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On Nom Nom Nom Crunch

@kapitalk Maybe "George", as in "Imma George that meerkat" à la the Abominable Snow Rabbit?

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On Nom Nom Nom Crunch

I've been searching forever for a term for this particular emotion. Somehow "cute aggression" doesn't cut it. I want something snappy like "hangry", for when you're angry cuz you're hungry.

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On Half Day

@Cat named Virtute So interesting!

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On Half Day

I just read this article on Gertrude Stein being a Nazi collaborator and proposing Hitler for the Nobel Peace Prize and I was like guhhhhh????

And then I went on her Wikipedia, where it makes a persuasive claim that the quote about Hitler was ironic, but also talks about her conservative politics and her public support of Franco and fascist regimes, and also her belief that Jewish men are effeminate and women are incapable of genius except for masculine-identified lesbians... Anyway, I'm finding it all fascinating.

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On Text Me Possibly

@applestoapples An Airplane joke nested inside an Arrested Development joke? Come on!! Props to you.

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On Canadian Heritage Moments

@redheaded&crazie My favourite is the one where Jean Nicollet thinks he's found the Pacific Ocean and is cresting a hill wearing his special "greet the Chinese" outfit and then the narrator comes in all buzzkill: "Jean Nicollet was wrong, it was lake Michigan not the Pacific." Womp womp.

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On Canadian Heritage Moments

"I am going to recite EVERY WORD of this DISGUSTING lecture... to your charming wife." It's possible I shout this out once every couple of weeks for no reason. Also: "MRS TROUT!"

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On Optional Activities at Post-Colonial Williamsburg in the Year 2076

@meetapossum See, I disagree.

Reason 1: If you're a vegetarian and your friends are meat eaters, it will never work itself out in your favor. Trust me I know from experience.

Reason 2: If you live on a really strict budget but still want to occasionally go out with friends and have fun, so you calculate exactly how much you can afford to eat and drink including tax and a nice tip and then just pay that amount, I don't see how that's so terrible. Friends have different ways of managing their budgets and different incomes, and the alternative would be to not go out at all. If you're a guest in my home I'll be generous and if I'm flush with money I might treat you, but otherwise I just want to be able to go out with my friends without feeling like a pain for staying within boundaries of my own budget. $5 can mean a lot (and it's usually more like $10)!

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