On Glowstick Dance Clothes

The alien/worm/centipede thing made me get goosebumps.

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On "I Like Katy Perry More Than My Family"

@HelloTitty Exactly. My friend and I were "obsessed" with Hanson (yeah, thats right, no shame) and had photos of them all over our walls when we were kids. She had a similar level of commitment to this guy and would go see them at every possible concert, etc, and she is today quite sane and level headed. Its a phase.

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On Help Hot Mayonnaise

@Katie Walsh How could I have forgotten Cheese Wagstaff? Thanks for reminding me. Wagstaff!

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On Help Hot Mayonnaise

@roadtrips I love Sweet Potato. Tater for short. Tater Tot for special occasions. Sweetum if you're sassy.

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On Help Hot Mayonnaise

After a character in The Wire: Bodie, Wallace, Bunk, McNulty, Stringer Bell, Herc, Prez, Omar, Bubbles, Bunny, Beadie, Cutty, Stinkum and my favorites, Wee-Bay and Horseface.

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On Another Celebrity Is Having a Baby

@Trilby I'm glad that someone (else) understands what is important here. F'real.

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On Man Takes Calm, Cool, and Collected to a New Level

Ah. This terrifies me. My early childhood years were spent in Kansas and I have the fear of tornadoes firmly in my psyche. I have had reoccurring tornado dreams. I used to live 20 minutes outside of Wilson, NC.

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On Tiny Spider Has Some Very Smooth Moves

Does anyone else feel like they have a spider on them somewhere at this very moment?

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